Msc Agriculture

Msc Agriculture

2 years
  • Fee:NPR 133,000 to 266,000

Master of Science of Agriculture (M.Sc. Ag) of Agriculture and Forestry University is two years, 4 semesters program. A semester will cover 18 weeks in which, 16 weeks of effective teaching and 2 weeks for examination.

Credit Unit (semester hours):

Each unit of credit carries at least 15 semester hours for instruction. Each credit hour represents one hour of theory class per week and three hours of laboratories or field work per week.

Grading System


  • A = Excellent
  • B = Good
  • C = Satisfactory
  • D = poor (Fail)
  • I = Incomplete

Grade Point:

  • A = 4 point
  • B = 3 point
  • C = 2 point
  • D = 1 point
  • I = no grade

Grade Allocation:

  • A = 85% and above
  • B = 70 to less than 85%
  • C = 50 to less than 70%
  • D = Less than 50%
  • I = Incomplete of the courses/thesis which is replaced by other grade upon the completion of the course or thesis

Requirement for degree:

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) should be 2.5 for Master. If he/she has less than the passing CGPA, the student would disqualify to get the degree. However, he/she can reappear in any subjects of his/her choice till he/she attains the minimum required CGPA to get the degree.

No division will be allotted in Ph.D. degree. However, transcript of course work with grade will be provided and should have 3.0 passing CGPA. Transcript with Dissertation topic with satisfactory grade will be provided upon the completion of the degree.

CGPA: M.Sc. Level

3.8 and above:        Distinction

3.5 and above:        First division

2.5 and above:        Second division 

Credit Transfer System and Enrollment:

M.Sc. /Ph.D. students enrolled at other university may apply to AFU for enrollment with his/her completed credit credentials. AFU may accept those students with credit transfer based on AFU’s credit requirements and regulations. Such students should pay admission fee and registration fee as required.



Passed B.Sc Agriculture or equivalent examinations along with the completion of 16 years of schooling. Applicants are required to pass the entrance examination with at least 50%.

M.Sc. Ag. (Biotechnology) Entrance Examination

Entrance Examination Questions: Multiple choice objective type (MCQs) based on undergraduate curriculum

Total Question: 120

Duration: 90 minutes (one hour and 30 minutes).

The subjects and number of questions included in the entrance exam will be as follows.

  1. Plant Science : 12
  2. Horticulture Science : 12
  3. Soil Science : 12
  4. Entomology : 12
  5. Plant Breeding : 12
  6. Plant Pathology : 12
  7. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management: 12
  8. Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology: 12
  9. Conservation Ecology and Agricultural Statistics: 12
  10. Biochemistry and Biotechnology: 12

Fee Structure of M.Sc Agriculture for Academic Year 2079/80

Competitive Subsidized Student Fee (NRs)

Admission Fee

18,000 (One time payment)

Semester Fee

8,500/ semester

Tuition Fee

1800/credit hour (45 credit)

Total Fee with minimum required credit hours


Competitive Full Pay Student Fee (NRs.)

Admission Fee

36,000 (One time payment)

Semester Fee

17,000/ semester

Tuition Fee

3,600/credit hour (45 credit)

Total Fee with minimum required credit hours



Admission Criteria

Advertisement for Admission

The notice regarding students' admission is published in a national newspaper and will be put on the website of Agriculture and Forestry University ( The exact date of admission process may vary from year to year but it generally starts in August- September and classes begins from mid of November.

How to apply

The process of application will remain online. Online application can be accessed at the official website of the university : 

When encountered with any problem, then applicants can contact the responsible authority at for technical help.   

Admission is done on the basis of entrance examination (90%), aggregate score of Undergraduate level (10%). The applicants will be selected on merit basis.

Entrance Examination

A total of 90 questions (multiple choice/ objective) will be included in the written test. Questions are made with reference to the 7 subjects students usually study during their undergraduate level. Following is the list of distribution of questions among those 7 subjects:

1. Seed Science - 9

2. Horticulture Science - 9 

3. Seed Science - 9

4. Entomology - 9

5. Plant Breeding - 9

6. Crop Disease and Management Science - 9

7. Agriculture Economics and Agribusiness Management - 9

8. Agriculture communication and Rural Sociology - 9

9. Conservation Ecology and Agriculture statistics - 9

7. Bio Chemistry and Bio Technology - 9

Time: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Admission is done on the basis of entrance examination (90%), aggregate score of undergraduate/Bachelor's level (10%). The applicants will be selected on merit basis.

OFFICIAL COPY (attested copy) of followings is required:

  1. Citizenship/Passport 
  2. Complete Academic Certificates and Transcripts (from bachelor degree)
  3. Grade conversion certificate (if marks are mentioned in GRADE basis)
  4. Official Release Letter & Recommendation Letters
  5. Work Experience Letter
  6. Concept Note of Proposed Study
  7. Letter of Sponsorship (Funded by sponsoring agencies)
  8. Application fee paid receipt (from account section of AFU