BSc Agriculture

BSc Agriculture

4 years

Nepal is mostly an agricultural nation. As a result, agriculture and forestry have contributed 27.08 percent to total housing production and are directly employing roughly 66 percent of the population, contributing significantly to the country's economic growth. At the same time, selling raw materials to the country's manufacturers has provided employment opportunities to the majority of the country's residents. Agriculture and Forestry Faculties and Campuses have been established around the country to support holistic development and the transmission of fresh information in this field. In this respect, a 4-year B.Sc. Ag program will be provided, as well as other programs within this faculty in the near future, such as a 5-year B.V. Sc and A.H., 4-year B.Sc. Forestry, 4-year M.Sc. Ag, M.V.Sc, M.Sc. (Animal Science), and M.Sc. (Organic Agriculture).

Salient Features

  • Qualified human resource persons
  • A practical approach of learning
  • Regular tutorial class
  • Field trips and Internship
  • A foundation for those wishing to pursue further study and research
  • Entrepreneurship development


SLC or equivalent is 10 + 2 or I. Sc (Bio / Physics), I. Sc. (Agriculture), 3rd or I. Sc. (Veterinary Science), 3rd class or 10 + 2 (Agriculture) or equivalent. Students will be able to take part in the defense by giving the verdict.


Admission Criteria

Midwestern University's Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry's Faculty of Agriculture Program Undergraduate Study Program Purpose


Scholarship (12%)

Full Fees (88%)

BSc Ag 4 years course




Job Prospects

  • Government Departments
  • Agricultural Companies and Industries
  • Academic Institutions
  • Research and Development Centre
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Higher Educations