Ramnagar Technical and Management College

Ramnagar, Sunwal, Parasi

Ramnagar Technical and Management College set up under the aegis of Ramnagar Educational Foundation and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. is affiliated to Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal. The college assigns education in Agriculture at the Bachelor Level. The college is established with the mission to promote 4 years Bachelor of agriculture Program and train manpower for agricultural development focusing on teaching, research, and extension of agricultural knowledge and technologies.


Ramnagar Technical and Management College is located at Ramnagar, Nawalparasi. It offers Bachelor of Science in Agriculture under the affiliation from Agriculture and Forestry University. It is going to be conceived with the goal of foregrounding the academic excellence of Nepal to keep pace with the contributions to agricultural knowledge, farm productivity, and the agricultural industry. We have a hope of remarkable increases in agricultural human resources brought by scientific discovery and technological development contributed importantly to the growth of the Nepalese economy.

Its team comprises highly experienced, qualified, and leading academic professionals. Every one of the team is genuinely open, friendly, and helpful, making students’ academic pursuits more enjoyable and goal-oriented. At the completion of the course, the students will be able to apply their knowledge to practical and professional values in the field of modern agricultural prospects. The college has got a prominent location in close proximity (about a hundred meters) to East-West Highway at Bhumahi, Nawalparasi, Lumbini Province, near from Central University and other governmental agriculture offices as well as commercial farms which make it easy for students coming from different places of the country to reach the college.


Salient Features

Area Location

The college has almost 9 Bighas of land in three different Places, which includes horticulture, agronomy, and livestock farm covering. The farms produce fruits, vegetables, cereals, animal products, and birds and can be used for practical works with full sufficiency. 

Buildings & Structure

The college has its own buildings and facilities. The College has an administrative building, a library, four classrooms, and five laboratories. There are dormitories and residences (one chief, five senior staff, five junior staff, and two lower staff), a guest house, a men's hostel, a women's hostel, and a program hall. There is also a poultry house, fish ponds, a goat shed, two cattle-buffalo sheds, a farm store, a garage, and a dispensary.

Ramnagar Technical and Management College will have its own hostel building and facilities which are under construction. It will have separate hostels for boy students and girl students which have peaceful, pleasant, and congenial environments for accommodation as well as study. The Hostels will be full of facilities, discipline, comfort, care, student-friendly, and security for both boys and girls. The boys’ hostel will be cared for and supervised by a male warden and the girls' hostel by a female warden. The meal will be prepared considering the interest and health conditions of the students. Accommodation will be managed on the basis of preference, locality, and merit.


The classroom of Ramnagar Technical and Management College is comfortable which can provide a good academic environment for students. The spacious and airy classrooms with sufficient natural light and air-condition provide a symphony of teaching-learning activities. The use of whiteboards, projectors, multimedia, poster, charts, etc. determines the sum of the academic environment in the classrooms. 


Two buses of college are used for transportation facilities which are routed according to the schedule prepared by administration. All the vehicles are comfortable and in good condition, ensuring students safe and convenient travel from Bardaghat in the East, Butwal in the West, and Parasi in the South.


The students who will take part in Extra-Curricular Activities are spontaneously appreciated and encouraged in outdoor as well as indoor sports such as football, futsal, volleyball, cricket, basketball, table tennis, badminton, etc. Artificial mini-pitch for football games is an outstanding facility for football preferring students. These all the facilities will be provided within the premises of the college zone. Academic programs: essay writing, speech competition, quiz contest, debate competition, agricultural exhibition, etc. are periodically conducted in the college. Annual sports meet between different batch/semester is organized every year.


The college is well developed in physical infrastructure. A well-set library is another facility. The College library has plenty of textbooks, reference books, reference materials, magazines, scientific and academic journals, and newspapers made available. College Library also provides facilities of high-speed internet and the concept of e-library is taken into action.

Admission Guidelines


Students must have passed the entrance exam conducted by Agriculture and Forestry University and enrollment will be done according to the merit list.


Paklihawa Campus
Paklihawa Campus
  • Bhairahawa, Siddharthanagar, Rupandehi
Lamjung Campus
Lamjung Campus
  • Sundarbazar, Lamjung
Rampur Campus
Rampur Campus
  • Rampur, Bharatpur, Chitwan
Kailali Multiple Campus
Kailali Multiple Campus
  • Dhangadi, Dhangadhi, Kailali