Prerana Secondary English Boarding School

Bharatpur 12, Bharatpur, Chitwan



Prerana Higher Secondary English Boarding School run by matured personalities and enthusiastic scholars was founded as a primary school in 2046 B.S. with the motto to provide quality education. It was recognized as a secondary school in 2053 B.S.

Located at the heart of Bharatpur Municipality, Ward No. 12, on bypass road, Prerana is easily accessible by any means of road transportation. It is just in front of the District Veterinary Hospital and Agriculture Development Bank.

With the intensive love of guardians and students and with the long experience of academic exposure of its team members, Prerana has been running +2 program in Science affiliated to Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal since 2056 B.S. About four hundred students are studying in +2. There are 23 teaching staffs and 8 administrative staffs.

Prerana doesn't need to be tested by the touch stone of peripheral competency in Chitwan. It aims at enabling students to attain their academic potentiality in a lovely atmosphere provided by the college making them intellectually competent enough to use their qualification in their chosen profession.

Prerana Secondary School has well equipped science labs with latest instrument and apparatus, a comprehensive library with high quality text and reference books, research papers, newspapers, magazines and journals, e-library, latest digital computer lab with Internet connection and spacious classrooms with comfortable furniture. The college has also facilitated students providing treated drinking water, lavatory and medical care for minor injury and sickness. As the college has highly experienced and competent faculty members, the students have been successful to enroll in engineering and medical.