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Narayani Model Secondary School was established in 2020 BS as a Night School. In the beginning, it was compulsion to conduct the class facing with many obstacles. The classes were conducted at Bharatpur Secondary School and later at Chitwan Secondary School. After completing 7 years, the classes were conducted in its own land constructing seven roomed building in 2027 B.S. Since 2031 B.S., the school had been conducting secondary school classes at night and lower secondary classes at day time. Later in 2037 B.S., school was forced to conduct those classes at morning due to the complexity of conducting the classes at night. Later the classes were conducted at only day time. It is known from its history that primary classes since 2039, nursery class since 2050 and +2 classes since 2061 have been running.

Situated in a serene environment, Narayani School has conducted the classes for blind and mentally retarded students providing lodging and fooding to them. 27 blind students and 19 mentally retarded students are getting education staying in hostel.

Riksha service has been managed taking them to home and school with the support of government. Various social organizations have supported for their food, lunch, cloth, books, copies, pens etc.

Rotary Club and Lions Club are the noted names whose continuous support is ever green to uplift them. The school offers +2 programs in Science and Management affiliated to National Examinations Board (NEB) of Nepal. The school also offers Diploma in Information Technology program with the affiliation from CTEVT.

Crossing ups and downs, Narayani Model Secondary School has stepped forward for its academic excellence. It is known as an established community school which has been successful to prove as a competent school. It is recognized to be a fifth school across Nepal. The school has received shield with eighty thousand rupees cash prize in education day due to showing good academic performance. It has taught lesson to other community schools that they can compete with so called private boarding schools easily if they are dutiful and responsible for overall development of the school. It seems to be significant that other community schools can learn from the progress of this school. 

Narayani Model Secondary School has watered hope in community schools that they can give better result than private boarding schools.

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