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Nepal Police School Samakhusi

Samakhusi, Kathmandu


Nepal Police School, a non-profit-making, co-educational day school established in 2055 B.S. under the welfare program of the Nepal Police organization, is specifically established to provide academic privileges to the children of the Nepal Police family. It imparts quality and value-based education to the children of the Nepal Police and the general public at nominal fees.

The school welcomes and enrolls students of all faiths, races, and backgrounds. Nepal Police School believes that academic excellence should go hand in hand with physical, social, and emotional growth. It is inclusive and dedicated to contributing to the educational development of the country for seventeen years, earning trust from all stakeholders.

Salient Features

  • Transportation: Transportation services are provided by the school, offering bus services to the nearest school bus stations for the wards' residences throughout the valley. The children benefit from secure and safe transportation to their homes every evening and enjoy a comfortable pick-up every morning.
  • Lab and Library: Nepal Police School is committed to providing technological and laboratory resources within the school. Students have access to a fully equipped computer lab, a traditional library, and an electronic library (e-library).

    In the pursuit of academic excellence, students engage in sophisticated science labs to become proficient with technology and learn how to integrate it into their classroom experiences. Nepal Police School's mission is to enhance the Science Department's ability to address diverse learning styles and cultivate a more academically enriching environment.

  • Games and Sports: In the realm of Games & Sports, the school conducts regular training sessions in football, basketball, martial arts, karate, badminton, and cricket. The training is provided by expert sportsmen from the Nepal Police personnel. These games and sportsmanship activities are showcased prominently in the annual sports meets, which include a variety of indoor and outdoor games.

  • Scout: In addition, the school places a significant emphasis on Scout values. A scouter, according to the school's ethos, is loyal, courteous, courageous, trustworthy, dutiful, and maintains cleanliness in thought, word, and deed. The goal is for students to embody these qualities, and to facilitate this, Nepal Police School has established the Red Cross Circle within the school, aiming to nurture students into becoming genuine and compassionate human beings.

Admission Guidelines

Nepal Police School adopts a holistic approach to education, aiming to integrate the development of the brain, body, and spirit. The school's focus is on empowering students to realize their full potential and instilling a lifelong passion for learning.

Motivating students is a key aspect of the school's philosophy, encouraging engagement with a meaningful curriculum that is relevant to real-life situations. In addition to academic knowledge, emphasis is placed on character development, instilling values such as simplicity, cooperation, and mutual respect. The school promotes cooperative action, social service, and critical thinking among its students.

Recognizing the school as a second home and the home as the first school, teaching and learning activities are conducted in a familiar and friendly environment. The school adheres to a holistic and constructive approach in teaching and learning, employing student-centered techniques that are conducive to a child-friendly atmosphere.

Assessment methods include regular tests, assignments, and examinations, with a preference for formative evaluation and a reward system over negative motivation and punishment. This approach is designed to foster a positive and encouraging learning environment for the students.


The scholarship program at Nepal Police School is structured to support students both on merit and need bases. Exceptional and intellectually gifted students, as demonstrated through merit tests, are eligible for scholarships based on various criteria. Additionally, the school extends a need-based scholarship program to facilitate the enrollment of talented yet financially disadvantaged students, ensuring access to education for those who might otherwise face barriers.

An exclusive scholarship program is in place for the children of all police personnel, retired police, and Ammar praharis, acknowledging their unique circumstances and contributions. This initiative reflects the school's commitment to fostering educational opportunities for a diverse range of students within the police community.

  • Established 2055
  • 01-4356160