Nepal Police

नेपाल प्रहरी

During the Rana Regime, the Police Organization was conceived, and a gradual transition to contemporary police was made. After the Rana regime fell, Nepal saw the birth of democracy. In Kathmandu, in 1952, the Police Headquarters was established. The first Inspector General of Police was named Mr. Toran Shamsher J.B.Rana. In1956 AD, Police Act came into effect. The 2015 BS (1959 AD) Police Regulation took effect. For a few years, a multi-party Parliamentary Government was used, followed by the Panchayat System, which has been in place since 1960. The Central Police Training Centre first opened its doors in 1963. The duty of the police was primarily to protect the governing system's interests.


About Nepal Police

In 1992, the Police Reform Commission was established, and modernization of the police force began in accordance with the people's aspirations and the Multi-Party System's rules.


Nepal Police School Samakhusi
Nepal Police School Samakhusi
  • Samakhusi, Kathmandu