Nepal Armed Police Force School

Nepal Armed Police Force School

Champadevi, Kirtipur, Kathmandu



NEPAL APF SCHOOL established in the year 2062 BS (2006 AD) is a nonprofit making organization. It is an English medium residential school imparting quality education to the wards of APF personnel as well as civilians. 

It offers classes from grade IV to grade XII. It is a home for the children and staff which is a fully developed community fostering respect, love and care for each other.

Nepal APF School, endeavors to provide a unique learning experience to students by keeping pace with change and development and helping students to instill skills which will help them to face the challenges of contemporary life.

The school has a rich history of academic excellence, sporting competence, artistic achievement and service to the community. It aspires to provide students with an outstanding learning experience each and every day. 

Every decision that is made at Nepal APF School is centered to the well being of the students. It seeks to enable each student to meet and exceed his/her potential. The incredibly dedicated and talented teachers and staff never give up on a student.

The school works closely with parents, enabling students to progress and develop in all aspects of their lives- academic, creative and sports.  The core values of the Nepal APF School make it possible for the students to enjoy their learning and achieve success in all aspects of their academic and professional careers.


  • To be recognized as a premier institution of higher education, having achieved excellence through innovation, quality instruction, a culture of continuous improvement and learner- centered decision making.
  • To promote highly skilled manpower and advance the knowledge of self sustainable development.
  • To facilitate quality teaching methods that will be emulated by others.
  • To be understood as an institution that makes a significant difference in the community and the nation.


  • Dedicated to provide an accessible high quality education to enrich the community and the lives of individual learners.
  • Engage students in learning experiences that leads to enhance employability & successful transfer to other educational institutions.
  • Develop students who can think critically, communicate effectively and demonstrate global awareness.
  • Partner with communities; serve to support economic vitality and stability through the development of a skilled local workforce.
  • Provide the educational resources and students' services that promote, support and enhance students' success.


  • To expand the APF welfare services and facilities.
  • To facilitate the public contact and development.
  • To provide quality education for human excellence through curricular and co-curricular activities in a learner friendly environment.
  • To inculcate humanity, morality, brotherhood, spirituality, self-discipline and honesty among the pupils to transfer them into responsible citizens capable of shouldering the nation in the future.
  • To carry out the teaching learning activities smoothly being uninfluenced by politics and unaffected by the political activities like strikes and bandas

Salient Features

Co-curricular activities:

Nepal APF School exposes the students to different activities other than study. The students can get involved in sports, music, dance, and other cultural activities.


The library is well-managed and has a variety of books, journals, magazines and other helpful resources for students to take advantage of. The students are enforced to use the learning materials so that they can enrich their knowledge.


Nepal APF School has a comfortable cafeteria (only for grade XI & XII day scholar students) which can be used for breakfast and lunch. It also provides a quick snack during short-breaks. Both students and teachers take the benefit as food and snack items are prepared in hygienic conditions and at reasonable price.

Admission Guidelines

The School takes new enrollment every year in Grade IV and XI. The admissions open in Falgun for Grade IV and Ashad for Grade XI. The candidates have to successfully undergo the Written Test, Interview and Medical Examination before admission. The School enrolls 60% of the students from the families of APF personnel (both serving and former) and 40% from the civilians’ families in admitting students in Grade IV and XI.

For Grade IV:

  • Collect, Fill and Submit Form
  • Entrance Test (Nepali, Math and English)
  • Student's Interview
  • Parent's Interview
  • Medical Examination
  • Confirmation of Admission
  • Registration

For Grade XI:

Minimum C+ in SEE or equivalent examination

  • Collect, Fill and Submit Form
  • Entrance Test (Maths, Science and English)
  • Interview (Students and parents)
  • Offer Letter
  • Registration


  • Provided to those students who rank first in the class (IV to X)
  • APFWA Scholarship- Nrs- 10,000 for the highest scorer of junior and senior wing.
  • Provides awards to the students of APF staff in SEE (At least five as)
  • Provides scholarship in fees equal to the SSI Rank to the two students (IV to X) of Kirtipur Municipality ( Ward no. 7 & 8 only)
  • Provides certificate and awards for the first, second and third ranking students of the class.
  • 30% off on annual fee to two students each securing highest marks in entrance examination in science and management (Grade XI)
  • 25% off on tuition fee to the best students in SEE from Nepal APF School.
  • 10% off on tuition fee during admission to grade XI (First ten-five in each faculty) students in Science and Management.
  • Established 2062 B.S
  • private Institution
  • 01-4335622, 01-4333603, 01-4335611


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