Nepal Education Fest 2019

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2019-08-23 - 2019-08-24

Bhrikuti Mandap Exhibition Hall

Nepal Education Fest 2019  is going to commence from 6th Bhadra, 2076. This event will take place in Bhrikuti Mandap,Kathmandu.

Opening Ceremony : 6th Bhadra, 2076 ( 23rd August, 2019) 

Fest Days : 6th and 7th Bhadra, 2076 ( 23rd and 24th August, 2019) 

Closing Ceremony : 7th Bhadra, 2076 ( 24th August, 2019) 

Estimated Audience : 3 thousand each day 10+2 Graduates and rest 

Participating Colleges 

Engineering College Participation : 15 stalls 

Management College Participation: 15 stalls 

IT College Participation: 15 stalls

Medical Institution / College Participation : 10 stalls 

Other College Participation: 15 stalls 

Participating Colleges (17)

Texas College of Management and ITTexas College of Management and ITKathmandu, Kathmandu01-4488627, 01-4489134
Texas International CollegeTexas International CollegeKathmandu, Kathmandu01-4479017, 1-4470469, 01-4490670
Nepal Mega CollegeNepal Mega CollegeKathmandu, Kathmandu01-5705488, 01-5706450
K and K International CollegeK and K International CollegeKathmandu, Kathmandu01-4474557, 01-4497515, 01-4494474
International School of Management and Technology (ISMT)International School of Management and Technology (ISMT)Kathmandu, Kathmandu01-4485278, 01-4485279
Excel Business CollegeExcel Business CollegeKathmandu, Kathmandu01- 4485109, 01-4462170
Madan Bhandari Memorial CollegeMadan Bhandari Memorial CollegeKathmandu, Kathmandu01-5172175, 01-5172682
Sunway International Business SchoolSunway International Business SchoolKathmandu, Kathmandu01-4431725, 9861344434, 01-4423736
Samriddhi CollegeSamriddhi CollegeBhaktapur, Bhaktapur01-6636700, 6636322
Swastik CollegeSwastik CollegeBhaktapur, Bhaktapur01-6635174
Kantipur International CollegeKantipur International CollegeKathmandu, Kathmandu01-4780564, 01-4783904
Janakpur Engineering CollegeJanakpur Engineering CollegeTathali, Bhaktapur01-5091615, 01-5091616, 01-6201424
Sagarmatha College of Science and TechnologySagarmatha College of Science and TechnologyLalitpur, Lalitpur01-5527274, 01-5547463, 01-5548252
Sagarmatha Engineering CollegeSagarmatha Engineering CollegeLalitpur, Lalitpur01-5547463, 01-5548252
Advanced College of Engineering and ManagementAdvanced College of Engineering and ManagementLalitpur, Lalitpur01-5522852, 01-5539322, 01-5528397
Academy of Culinary Arts and Hospitality ManagementAcademy of Culinary Arts and Hospitality ManagementLalitpur, Lalitpur01-5522909, 01-5536988
Lumbini Academic CollegeLumbini Academic CollegeKathmandu, Kathmandu01-5210186