Swastik College

Madhyapur Thimi -3, Chardobato, Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur
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Swastik College, the School of Computer Science and Application, was founded in 2013 by the team of academicians and young entrepreneurs. It is located at Chardobato, Gattaghar, Bhaktapur. Currently Swastik College is running BSc Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT) and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA).

Starting 2019, F1Soft has invested in Swastik College in order to generate highly skilled IT experts and to bridge the gap between IT education and IT industry.

Salient Features

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty
  • Problem Based Learning (PBL) Approach 
  • Reputed Management Committee
  • Innovative Environment
  • Well- equipped Library, Computer Lab and Class rooms:
    • Well managed library with full academic resources as well as extra books, high-tech computer labs and well equipped classrooms for a best learning environment.
  • Ample Extra Curricular Activities
  • Technical Training
    • The college provides technical trainings to its students throughout all semesters based on market demands and students' interests. It believes provided trainings will add significant expertise to the already acquired knowledge base by the students. In current semesters, the college is running following technical trainings containing 60-70 hours classes followed by project works. 
Course   Students Group 
Graphic Designing II/IV semester BCA and B.Sc. CSIT
JavaScript IV/IV Semester B.Sc. CSIT
Python  IV/IV Semester B.Sc. CSIT
 Hardware & Networking IV/IV Semester B.Sc. CSIT
UX-UI  IV/IV Semester B.Sc. CSIT
  • Internship 
    • Internship provides a platform to utilize the knowledge and skills that students acquire during courses and trainings. It is a transition step to professionalism that enhance skills and self confidence. Swastik college is associated with F1/ e-Sewa as a partner with exclusive roles to trainings, internships and placements. The college provides internships throughout all semesters. Each semester, students will get technical trainings as per their interests and assigned professional tracks. Internship will be based on those trainings, project works, their interests and skills in IT industries under F1 group . 
  • Job Placement 
    • The college is committed to place its BCA and BSc CSIT graduates into IT industries after completion of bachelors degree. It primarily place students in companies under F1 group. The college guarantee placement to its IT graduates who undergo through our structured path of academic courses, trainings and internships. So, students will be able to focus on improving their knowledge and skills without worrying about their future career. 
  • Workshop
    • Workshop is one of the valuable way of enhancing students' skills. Considering this, the college organize workshops in various areas and some of them are as given below:
    • Motivational workshop CV  
    • Cover letter writing workshop 
    • Cyber security workshop 
    • Al development workshop 
    • Entrepreneurship workshop 
    • Research paper writing workshop 
  • Project Works/ Activities  
    • Students at Swastik college involve in various projects during their study period. They have participated in different techFest, software competitions, Hakathons and have won those competitions. Some of the sample projects they have done are: 
    • Twitter sentiment analysis using machine learning 
    • Real Estate Management System 
    • Machine Vision (Meter Reading) 
    • Price Comparison (Using Web Scraping) 
    • Android Application for Women Security System 
    • Automatic License Plate Processing System 
    • Sara' Krishi (Agrobars) 

Admission Guidelines



  1. Applicant must appear and pass entrance exam conducted by Tribhuvan University Faculty and Humanities and Social Sciences (TUFOHSS). 
  2. Minimum D+ grade in each subject of grade 11 and 12 with CGPA 2.0 
  3. Minimum score of second division marks in 10+2, PCL or Equivalent in any discipline 
  4. Students who have passed grade 11 and are waiting for supplementary exam (PURAK PARIKSHA) of grade 12 can also apply. But, they have to submit all the required documents at the time of admission. 


Students who have completed twelve years of schooling in science with at least 45% score in the final examination or its equivalent from any recognized educational institution are eligible to apply for B.Sc CSIT program.

  • Applicant must appear and pass entrance exam conducted by Tribhuvan University Institute of Science and Technology (TUIOST). 
  • Minimum C grade in each subject of 11 and 12 (Science stream) or +2 with minimum second division or 3 years diploma engineering with minimum second division or A Level (Science Stream) with minimum D Grade.
  • Applicant must have taken Physics and Math, each having at least 100 full marks. 


Swastik College provides:

  • Free Professional Training in each semester
  • Ample workshops and exposure
  • 100 % placement after completion of course

BCA Grand Scholarships:

NEB grade

Or +2 Percentage

Or TU Entrance Rank

Total Fees for four years

Scholarships quota

>= 3.6

>= 80%

Or  1 to 100

Rs. 2.0 Lakhs


>= 3.4

>= 75%

Or  101 to 200

Rs. 2.5 Lakhs


>= 3.2

>= 70%

Or  201 to 300

Rs. 3.0 Lakhs


>= 3.0

>= 65%

Or 301 to 400

Rs. 3.5 Lakhs


>= 2.8

>= 60%

Or 401 to 500

Rs. 4.0 Lakhs


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Swastik College was established for the sole purpose of facilitating students' progression, both academic and practical, by enveloping knowledge, key skill sets and the capacity for independent and lifelong learning. The college believe sin building students' intelligence, ingenuity, inventiveness and independence as well as communication skills. 

The Swastik College put conscious effort to foster students' endeavors in pursuit of developing their problem solving skills and expertise. It has right human resources and tools to develop multifaceted expertise in students which will keep them prepared for the forthcoming challenges in the real world.

The college has partnered with F1Soft group of companies, the leading IT companies in Nepal including eSewa to give students exposure and develop knowledge and skill in IT sector.  


To establish the hub of Information and Technology both in theory and practice in pursuit of knowledge to the generation of the 21st Century and become regionally leading and internationally recognized school of IT. 


  • To build a legacy of academic excellence through theory and practice in IT. 
  • To produce future IT professionals and entrepreneurs through innovative, creative and value based academic practices.
  • To plan and execute quality academic activities leading to research output of global standard and provide IT resources, expertise and services to Nepal. 

Message from the Chairman

Dilli Raj Khanal

Dear prospective students, parents and guardians, 

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you to our Swastik College, a premier academic institution in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) and Computer Application which is dedicated not only to impart high quality education but also to ensure future carrier of the students.  I am additionally delighted to convey that F1Soft group including eSewa, a highly reputed group in the field of IT, is now associated with the college. I am fully confident that with such a group's attachment and contribution, there will be profound positive impact on the high quality education and practical knowledge on IT application for ensuring competitive edge of our students in the changing 21st Century market.  Toward that end we have also introduced internship program throughout all semesters. At the same time, college is committed to guarantee employment to the students who complete degrees from our college. The reputed academicians, professionals and entrepreneurs that have established the college are highly devoted to make the college an academic centre of excellence in the IT and related filed. 

With the same objective and motto, the college has attached high priority to create very conducive class as well as external surrounding environment.  The college has built new building in the complex with wider room spaces and other modern facilities to the students. A special canteen has been made available for ensuing hygienic food to the students. Modern library, computer practical room and research and development linked special computer facilities are the distinct features of the college. 

The college runs B.Sc. CSIT and BCA programmes. The college has mobilized highly qualified teachers in their fields and hence they are devoted to provide high quality education and knowledge to the students. Teachers follow highly advanced methodology and more updated techniques to that end. A regular feedback from students and parents is taken to ensure that learning by students is never compromised. The college also carries and encourages extracurricular activities of the students. Focus and promotion to the college exchange program with reputed international colleges added by exposure program of bright students at both national and international level is also an equally priority of the college.  In such various new endeavourers aimed at bringing distinct shifts in the learning system your support and encouragement will be highly valuable to us.   

Last not the least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all founding members and new college partner -F1Soft group for encouragement, support and guidance. I am equally indebted to the college family including faculty members and staffs for their dedication to bring the college to the new level. 

Dr. Dilli Raj Khanal