Tansen Multiple Campus

Tansen-11, Kajipauwa, Tansen
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Located in Tansen, the headquarter of Palpa district, which is not only a beautiful hill town but also historically a popular education centre, Tanse Multiple Campus was established in 2047 B.S. with great efforts and contribution of local educationists, social workers and businessmen. As there were very limited public campuses which could provide quality education and there was necessity to open community campus to relive from the student's enrollment pressure and to provide an alternative for higher education opportunity in Tansen, this campus has been founded with the hope of fulfilling the necessity of people.

It was challenging to run the campus with the minimum fees taken from the students. However, with everyone's great zeal, devotion and commitment, the campus is running for twenty one years. The campus runs programs from higher secondary to Masters' level. Dr. Ram Prasad Sharma, the founder and patron, has been entirely contributing a lot to the development of the campus.

Tansen Multiple Campus, now has its own huge building built in about ten ropanis of land. It has own buses, new classrooms, furniture, computers, library and other facilities received in support of the Government of India. For this kind of support in education field, the campus as well as the people of Palpa district are grateful to the Government of India. This project is a symbol of Indo-Nepal co-operation and friendship. Besides this, local people's interest, initiation, endevour and support of all kinds are highly appreciated.

Tansen Multile Campus is committed to provide quality education. The campus has been conducting NEB programs: +2 Management, +2 Education and +2 Humanities, and TU programs: TU programs: BBS, B.Ed and M.Ed. English, Nepali, Maths, EPM, Curriculum, and Health subjects have been taught in M.Ed. The campus has about 200 students in plus two level, 100 students in BA, 300 students in B.Ed. and 300 students in M.Ed.

The big college building has been built with the support of Indian Embassy. There are 52 teaching staffs (full times and part timers) and 11 administrative staffs altogether. The campus has produced about 250 students in Master's level, 600 students in Bachelor's level and 400 students in plus two level. About two hundred students are in the line of thesis.