White Heaven Academy School

Mitranagar,, Kathmandu




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  1. Description

White Heaven Academy School it is located in Mitranagar. It was established in 2007 A.D. From its establishment it is providing affordable quality education. It is a non profit educational institution.

The school uses proven educational methods and domestic teachers to empower students to make the most of all future opportunities and maximize their career choices. 

Besides text book courses the students will be made active in project works, course related workshop, leadership and personality development, team work activities, educational excursions, interactions and games. 

The aim of White Heaven Academy school is to produce disciplined, dedicated, devoted and nation-loving students along with logical vision, creativity in their thinking and functioning.

  • Deliver Quality and Affordability: To provide a top class education for all our students at a competitive price.
  • Empower Your Child : To mold children into well-educated, disciplined improve themselves and their nation.
  • Develop Self-motivated Students: So that they will continue to learn, grow and improve throughout their lives.
  • Provide a Rounded Education: To expand children's abilities through extra - curricular activities such as spots, dance, music and art so that they develop as well rounded, happy, positive and strong adults. 
  • Make socially responsible: Making socially aware by involving students in social organizations.