St. Xaviers Secondary School Lalitpur

Jawalakhel, Lalitpur



Established in 1951, St. Xavier's School was the inaugural academic institution founded by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in Nepal. Presently, it offers education to students in twelve levels ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 12, and its administration manages an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school as a unified entity.

As one of the earliest private schools in Nepal, St. Xavier's has maintained a reputation for being an inclusive institution, welcoming students from all backgrounds. Graduates of this esteemed institution have traditionally attained prominent positions within the government, bureaucracy, military, and other distinguished professions throughout the country. Renowned for its quality education, it is a preferred school for parents seeking to enroll their children. St. Xavier School is on par with international schools in terms of its educational standards.


Inspired by the vision of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the inspirational documents of Society of Jesus we aim at creating a just world by educating our students to be Conscientious, Competent, Committed and Compassionate individuals who are people for and with others


We the staff of St.Xavier's School Jawlakhel, are a community of persons who devote ourselves to human excellence, spiritual growth and social justice for the active service of God, Nepal and human community.


"Live for God, Lead for Nepal"

Admission Guidelines

  • Once admission is open, the forms will be available online to be filled.
  • Students must attend an entrance examination conducted by the school on it's premises. The selection will be on merit basis.
  • Once they have passed the entrance, they must also pass an interview before finally being selected to study in the school.


Scholarship is provided to those students who are good in academics and financially weak. St. Xavier’s School does not provide scholarship for those who are financially well to do and can comfortably manage to invest in Children’s education. Scholarship is provided to those who are interested to use such help to better themselves.

Application for scholarship is collected after a week of the beginning of the new academic session of every year. The school will publish a notice for those who would like to apply for scholarship. When filling the forms these documents must be attached with the form,

  1. Parents income statement or a proof of unemployment
  2. Parents citizenship and a proof of current residence
  3. Certificate from municipality or ward office
  4. Recommendation from municipality or ward office
  5. Any other proof what provides additional knowledge about the child’s family and the financial status

Those who are suitable for the scholarship according to the criteria above are given scholarship for entire school year (1-10), but after completing SEE even those who studied in scholarship will have to apply for a new scholarship if they want to continue in the school till SLC.

Every year the student’s performance (in Academics, CCA as well as Behavior) is evaluated. If a scholarship student is found to be weak in studies or fails in any subject or has any behavior complaint, he/she will not be able to continue the scholarship provided. Scholarship students need to maintain an academic performance of at least 50% in every exam. Those who are not able to maintain the prescribed percentage will lose some part of their scholarship, if they fail, they will entirely lose the scholarship.