Gyanodaya Bal Batika School

Bungmati/ Khokana, Lalitpur



Gyanodaya Bal Batika School has been contributing to the upliftment of education for over four decades. Founded by Mrs. Indira Yakthumba as a tribute to her husband, His Excellency, Late Gyan Bahadur Yakthumba, the school is located in Bungmati/Khokana, Lalitpur.

The school feels that every child is special, and looks into the attitude and aptitude of every child while providing a platform for them to express their views and opinions and showcase their innate and acquired skills and talents.

Believing that education is not only limited to academics, the school seeks to hone the talents of their students by engaging in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, interaction sessions, carnivals and festivals, cultural programs, excursions and outings. 

Salient Features


The terraced cemented seats and platform in Gyanodaya, which are located next to the yoga and meditation park, are commonly referred to as the amphitheatre. This space is frequently utilized by teachers and students for their theatrical performances and practices.

Art, Music, Dramatics, etc.

Art, music, and drama have become an integral part of the education system, universally adopted. It is impossible to imagine a kindergarten class without the use of rhymes, pictures, colors, and fun activities. These elements play a crucial role in evoking emotions, developing critical thinking, enhancing cognitive abilities, and promoting overall mental growth, culminating in well-rounded individuals equipped with various skills, knowledge, empathy, philanthropy, compassion, and a zest for life. Gyanodaya Bal Batika offers children platforms to showcase their artistic and musical talents, providing them with training from professionals in a wide range of creative fields, including drama. Additionally, experienced English teachers guide children in developing their theatrical skills.

Auditorium - Gyan Hal & Indoor Sports

The school has two auditoriums: Gyan Hall and Indoor Sports.  Gyan Hall is a versatile space equipped with a stage and projections. The indoor sports facility includes markings for basketball, volleyball, and badminton. The safe and convenient Gyan Indoor Auditorium hosts various competitive matches and activities like chess, volleyball, and basketball. It accommodates over 350 spectators and can also host kabaddi, tennis, dance events, concerts, and more. Gyan provides opportunities for student development, such as the Inter School Basketball Competition during the Gyan Carnival.

BMX Pump Tracks

Gyanodaya has added a pump track for passionate cyclists, which has become a major attraction for many students. At Gyanodaya, they believe that providing ample space for students to develop their skills can positively impact their academic performance, which is reflected in their overall development and learning process. The benefits of having a pump track in the school include its popularity, creating a unique school attraction, providing fun and exercise, conserving resources, multifunctionality, availability for everyone, and serving as a meeting point.


Gyanodaya's cafeteria offers high-quality canteen menu featuring a variety of healthy and hygienic food and snacks at affordable prices. The cafeteria operates on a strict schedule, opening for 15 minutes during the first break, half an hour during the second break, and after school until 5:30 pm. The beautiful resort-like location of the cafeteria provides a panoramic view of the entire school, where students can enjoy their meals.

E-Library, Science Lab & Maths Lab

At Gyanodaya School, the appropriate use of Information technology in teaching and research work is prioritized. With two separate computer labs comprising more than 80 desktop computers and a Research Centre equipped with 15 notebooks, all connected to high-speed Internet, students and staff have ample resources at their disposal. The school vision is to promote meaningful and ethical uses of IT that inspire critical thinking and support continuous learning. The well-equipped science laboratory and mathematics laboratory, rich in manipulative materials, provide a hands-on approach to learning. They believe in providing access to reliable and efficient technology resources, with a focus on developing skilled users of technology and integrating it appropriately across the curriculum.

ICT Lab & Research Lab

At Gyanodaya School, the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is fully embraced in teaching and research work, with a commitment to providing a wide range of computing resources and support services. With more than 80 desktop computers and 15 notebooks, all connected to a high-speed internet connection, students and staff have access to reliable and efficient technology resources. The school's vision is to promote meaningful uses of IT, inspiring critical thinking skills and supporting continuous learning in a creative and collaborative environment that models respectful, responsible, and ethical uses of technology in social, personal, and environmental contexts. The school believes that students and staff must be skilled users of technology, have an understanding of ethical issues associated with technology, and all teachers must be responsible for the appropriate integration of technology across the curriculum. ICT has proven to have many advantages in education, including the ability to use visuals and images to improve student retention, explain complex instructions, and create interactive and enjoyable lessons, leading to improved student attendance and concentration.


The school infirmary, overseen by a qualified medical supervisor and nurse, is open 24/7 during school days. Regular medical check-ups are conducted, and a record of student health is maintained. If a child requires special medical attention, the parents are notified. Students with infectious diseases such as Conjunctivitis, Dermatitis, Scabies, etc. should not attend school until fully recovered. For students with chronic conditions such as Asthma, Epilepsy, or Heart Disease, continuous medical supervision from a specialist is recommended. Parents must provide their medical history and treatment details in the Almanac, and inform the infirmary of any health issues that arise during the academic year. Parents must obtain prior approval from the school medical in-charge before sending any medications with their child.

Admission Guidelines

  • Students can apply to the school through the admission form available on the school website;
  • Candidates must attend the entrance examination conducted by the school;
  • Upon passing the exams, students will be called back for an interview with their parents;
  • Students that clear the interview can proceed with further admission process.


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