Satyam School

Gauriganj, Bharatpur, Chitwan



Satyam School is an open and multifaceted smart school, which is situated at Gaurīgunj-8, Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal, at the shade of Bishazar Lake. The School runs with a motive of learning by doing and mainly focus on Leadership in Energy. Satyam School's main objective is to impart quality education to the children of Nepal. Satyam motivates students to be lifelong learners and focuses on increasing productivity. It is a place where the school strives to help students become Globally Competitive and create worthy citizens and capable individuals.

Satyam school has its own vision to develop the students' life skills, so it has introduced courses like experiential learning, Coding, Arts and Music, Sports. Satyam School also imparts multi-dimensional skills and leadership qualities through an array of sports, experiential learning, and extracurricular activities. It contains well facilitated and also air conditioner classroom with accessibility to the Internet, teaching and learning materials, Smartboard, whiteboard, display board, classroom library, and customized student-friendly furniture including brightly colored desks along with a hygienic cafeteria, tranquility swimming pool, toilets and it has a huge playground, with volleyball court, badminton court, basketball court, cricket court, nets, football field, and cycling track as well.

School has three huge buildings and is continuing to expand. Satyam School has well equipped with sufficient kitchen equipment along with professional cooks. At Satyam, students use, the kitchen not only to take foods but it is also used as a lab where students can carry out experiments by cooking a large variety of food items.


We believe in a progressive approach to education by introducing learning by doing and following as the main philosophy with life skill learning which is often considered to be the best way for a student to experience real-world situations. Students' engagement with hands-on activities in the heart of Satyam's philosophy. We offer appropriate instructional and experiential learning programs according to the developmental needs and abilities of a student. Hence, to make all these things successful we begin our educational journey by providing 3-4 months of training for the teachers. In which our teachers worked on the development of our own curriculum and coursebook by taking the reference from almost 18 developed countries and our country. We then planned our unit plan, experiential practical) plan as well as conceptual (theoretical)plan for the whole year.

A teacher of Satyam is a good planer, dynamic instructor, inspirer, motivator, and facilitator for the students. A teacher enters his/ her classroom only after a well-prepared lesson plan with enough teaching materials and resources with appropriate classroom activities for the students. We encourage students to use active techniques to gain more knowledge, reflect on and talk about what they are doing/listening
to and how their understanding is changing.

We inspire and motivate our students to be investigators, conversant, constructivists, critical thinkers, open-minded, risk-takers, sympathetic, communicators, and reflective individuals so that they will be capable and adaptable in any kind of situation.

Salient Features

Cafeteria and meals 

Strategies to reduce childhood obesity and improve nutrition include creating school food environments that promote healthy eating. With the aiming of the good health of every student, Satyam is providing a cooked, hygienic and balanced diet under the supervision of a professional chef. The spacious dining hall is facilitated with a well-arranged dining table and chairs with Proper lighting. AC and ventilation.

Satyam promotes providing organic ingredients to every student so it provides fresh vegetables grown in its own garden. Our Cafeteria runs in a proper plan of daily routine and fixed schedule.


Satyam School believes transportation is a main integral part of the schooling facilities. Satyam provides transportation services to the children that ensure child safety and comfortability. We have a fleet of air-conditioned buses in every best operating condition which provides door to door facilities. Each school bus is driven by an experienced driver who is accompanied by a trained assistant. The staff takes care of each and every child as their own. A schooling day begins early in the morning at 6 am. After picking up all the children the buses arrive at the school premises within 7:30 am. After the completion of the regular classes, students head home at 5:30 pm.

Experimental Learning in Satyam

Satyam is an open and multifaceted smart school. The school runs with a motive of learning by doing. Therefore, most of the subjects are based on 52% practical classes and 48% theory classes. But in the subject of Experiential learning', the proportion of practical classes is higher at 80% In Experiential Learning, we teach practical skills to the children on many topics which are essential in running day-to-day life.

Performing Arts, Visual Arts & Sports as a subject 

Performing Arts and Visual Arts in Satyam are among the important subjects where we can boost the creative ideas of children. The visual arts primarily involve using visual representations and symbols to communicate meaning - to express a story or personal vision, emotion or concept through different art forms such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video, filmmaking, design, crafts, and architecture. Performing arts


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