National Health Training Center

Teku, Kathmandu


Training is one of the priority areas for the Ministry of Health and Population NEPAL. The tenth plan, 2002-2007 envisaged National Health Training Center(NHTC),  as the apex body under the MoH for overseeing all health related training not only for the Department of Health Services but also the Department of Drug Administration and Department of Ayurveda. The tenth plan also delegated the responsibility of conducting Educational research to NHTC.

The National Training Strategy 1997, in spite of having all the need based elements built-in into it. The 1997 strategy has been carefully reviewed for the purpose of assessing the status of its implementation. This has served as the basis in developing the National Health Training Strategy.

NHTC runs Diploma in Biomedical Equipment Engineering program with affiliation from CTEVT. 

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