Diploma in Biomedical Equipment Engineering

Diploma in Biomedical Equipment Engineering

1 year 6 months

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This course is based on the job required to perform by the Biomedical Equipment Technicians at different levels of hospitals and nursing homes in Nepal. Therefore, this curriculum is designed to provide knowledge and skills focusing on Biomedical Equipment Engineering related to the occupation. There are three semesters in total within the period of one and half years. The courses are focused on basic disciplinary subjects of Biomedical Equipment Engineering including provision of elective subjects. 

Moreover, the third semester insists on the application of learned skills and knowledge through the project as infusion model of subjects. It makes provision of projects as well as elective subjects in the specific areas of Electronics and Biomedical Equipment Engineering. 

The course structure and the subject wise content that reflect the details of this curriculum. In brief, this curriculum will guide to its implementer to produce competent and highly employable middle level technical workforce in the field of biomedical equipment engineering. The contents of individual subjects prescribed in the curriculum are incorporated in the light of "must know and must do" principle of knowledge and skills for this level. 

 Aim of the Program 

The aim of this program is to produce diploma level biomedical equipment technician to provide technical service in different level of health facilities in the country.  

 Program objectives

The objectives of the course is to;

produce middle level technically competent workforce/human resources to work as biomedical technician in different level of health facilities,

reduce the dependency on employing such technicians from foreign countries,

able to understand relationship between human anatomy physiology and biomedical engineering and

carry out the overall planning and management of medical devices in the health facilities of Nepal

Salient Features

  • Affiliated by Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT).
  • Run by National Health Training Center (NHTC), Teku
  • 18 month course with internship
  • Vacancies in the government already announced 
  • Job opportunities at private hospitals, Nursing homes, and Medical equipment suppliers. 



Entry qualification of applicants for diploma in biomedical equipment engineering program should be 10+2 or equivalent to the science stream or as per provisions mentioned on the CTEVT admission guidelines.  

Admission Criteria

Entry criteria:

  • Should submit 10+2 or equivalent to the science stream.
  • Should pass entrance examination as administered by CTEVT.

Selection: Applicants fulfilling the entry criteria will be selected for the admission on the basis of merit.

Job Prospects

The graduates will be eligible for the position equivalent to Non-gazetted 1st class (technical) as Biomedical Equipment Technician or as prescribed by the Public Service Commission of Nepal. The graduate will be eligible for registration with the related Council in the grade as provisioned in the related Council Act (if any). 

Curricular Structure