Himalayan WhiteHouse International College

Subidhanagar, Tinkune-32, Kathmandu



Himalayan WhiteHouse International College (HWIC) was established in 2001, and is centrally located in Subidhanagar, Tinkune-32. The college was established with an envision as a Centre for Excellence, and academically vibrant learning community.

The academic programs offered in this college is designed to facilitate overall development of personality in all dimensions: intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual. It is committed for the development of an extraordinary community of learners who learn with and from each other.

The college has been running its +2 programs in Science, Management, Humanities, and Law. As with the teaching techniques and accessibility in this institution, the regular classroom teaching is complemented by lectures, guided and unguided presentations, case studies, and project studies. In every case, wider participation of students is emphasized.

Thus, this college imparts quality education, inculcates professional skills and capabilities, and contributes significantly to the field of research and development.

Core Values


Students are kept at the center of WhiteHouse.The decisions and resources of the College will be for the betterment of and to provide support to the students.


All the students are creative and capable. We try our best to bring out and develop those capabilities.We always try to experiment and innovate.We all try to learn from one another. We are always motivated to give the best performance.


The college always remain accountable for each of our action.It believes in continuous improvement.The college do not impose discipline. It believes in self-discipline and self-evaluation.


The mission of Himalayan WhiteHouse International College is to seek exceptionally promising students of all backgrounds from across the nation and to educate them to develop their intellectual, moral, civic, and creative capacities to their fullest. Providing quality, student-centered education. Engaging relevant research and expanding the frontiers of knowledge and global education.


Himalayan WhiteHouse International College is a lifetime partnership analyzing and adopting a creative thinking approach from a local and global prospective, grooming for challenges of the 21st Century. We are committed to making Nepali education at par with international standards.

Salient Features

Why Whitehouse different?

  • It not only teaches students but inspire them to learn;
  • Is a value driven organization;
  • Everyone is treated equal;
  • Collaboration with parents for the academic excellence of our students;
  • Teachers are always motivated to learn;
  • Try best to bring out the hidden talent and creativity of our students;
  • Accountable for our actions and conduct at the workplace;
  • Emphasizes in education that is practical; solves problems; and encourages critical thinking;
  • Try best to maintain educational quality that is at par with international level.


Admission Guidelines


For +2 Science Programs:

Students to enroll in grade 11 Science Subject Group (Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics/Computer Science/Agriculture) must score

  • GPA: 2.0
  • C+ in Science and Math
  • D+ English, Nepali and Social Studies

For +2 Management Programs:

Students to enroll in grade 11 and study following subjects (Mathematics/Accountancy/Economics/Computer Science/Teaching Mathematics/Elements of Finance/Jyotish/Business Mathematics/Cooperative Management, Business Studies/Geography/Psychology) must score

  • GPA: 1.6
  • D+ English, Nepali, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies

For +2  Humanities Programs:

Students must have completed SEE or equivalent with a minimum GPA 1.6. He/She should have minimum D+ in English, Nepali and Social Studies.

For +2 Law Programs:

Candidates seeking admission in Ten Plus Two (+2) Law program must have secured 1.6 GPA.


Scholarship Scheme
SN Category Scholarship
1 First 100 admission 40% off
2 School topper:  50% off
3  Entrance topper for 5 students:  100% off
4 SEE result  
  *4.00 GPA 100% off
  *3.6 to 4 GPA 75% off
  *3 to 3.6 GPA 50% off
  *2.5 to 3 GPA 25% off
5 5. Sports scholarship 25-75% off
6 6. Talent on any subject/topics 25-75% off
7 Marginalized, Underprivileged Students From government Schools 25-100% off
Note: Scholarship will be applicable on tution fee only


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