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Pokhara University


4 year(s)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc Nursing) is a four year course of Pokhara University, which aims at producing competent nurses in different specialties of nursing services. It prepares the nurses who can use independent judgment, decision making process in leadership position for the purpose of quality health care in primary, secondary and tertiary level.


  • To demonstrate competency in the skills and techniques of nursing based on concept and principles of nursing
  • To develop the knowledge and skills in laboratory works on applied health science and their application.
  • To apply the principles and concept of nursing theories and models in providing pediatric, psychiatric, geriatric and obstetrical nursing services.

Admission criteria

Scholarships Quota for Bachelor of Science in Nursing ( Nursing) at Pokhara University

  1. Pokhara University, School of Health & Allied Science Lekhnath kaski: 4
  2. Nobel College: 2

Salient features

Proposed Fee Structure for B.Sc Nursing in Pokhara University School of Health & Allied Sciences Lekhnath, Kaski for the academic year 


Eligibility criteria for B.Sc Nursing: Pokhara University

10+2 or PCL Science (Biology stream) or equivalent degree as recognized by Pokhara University with at least 50% marks in aggregate. 
Minimum 2.4 CGPA in Aggregate and Minimum C+ Grade in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) and Minimum C Grade in other subjects. 

Curricular structure

Curriculum of Bachelor of Nursing of Pokhara University

Semester I

Anatomy and Physiology I



Nutrition and Dietetics

Technical English

Principle and Practice of Nursing I

Laboratories and Practicum

Semester II

Anatomy and Physiology II

Microbiology and Immunology

Patho-Physiology and Instrumentation

Principle and Practice of Nursing II

Principle and Practice of Nursing III

Community Health Nursing I

Laboratories and Practicum

Semester III

Community Health Nursing II

Community Health Nursing III

Community Health Nursing IV

Nursing Concept and Theories I

Nursing Concept and Theories II

Medical Sociology and Health Psychology


Semester IV

Adult Health Nursing I

Adult Health Nursing II

Adult Health Nursing III

Adult Health Nursing IV

Adult Health Nursing V

Adult Health Nursing VI


Semester V

Child Health Nursing I

Child Health Nursing II

Basic Epidemiology

Community Health Nursing V

Mental Health Nursing I

Mental Health Nursing II


Semester VI

Obstetrical (Midwifery) Nursing I

Obstetrical (Midwifery) Nursing II

Obstetrical (Midwifery) Nursing III

Obstetrical (Midwifery) Nursing IV

Obstetrical (Midwifery) Nursing V


Semester VII

Obstetrical (Midwifery) Nursing VI

Community Health Nursing VI


Gynecological Nursing I


Semester VIII

Education I

Education II

Health Research Methodology

Nursing Management I

Nursing Management II


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