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Nobel College was established in 2001 AD by the promoters of Nobel Academy as their extension institute to provide a value-based education at the Bachelor level. The College is affiliated to Pokhara University.

Nobel College is committed to the provision of the quality and relevant for Nepal s future managers, entrepreneurs, IT specialists, and health professionals. In an increasingly complex world in relation to global markets and emerging multi-national culture involving competition at the national, regional, and international levels; it is essential that the country has available to it skilled manpower able to take Nepal successfully into the future. The undergraduate level training offered by the college is designed specifically to meet this need.

Since the same entrepreneurial team has established Nobel College that set up Nobel Academy - an institution that has already acquired an enviable reputation for the quality of its education at junior and higher secondary levels - Nobel College enjoys goodwill and credibility as an institute of repute. This college also offers BBA, BCIS, BPH and BHCM in affiliation to Pokhara University.

Nobel College has successfully implemented several programs at the Bachelors level in the fields of Business Administration, Computer Information System, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Microbiology, and Health Care Management with affiliation to Pokhara University. Every year approximately 480 students get admitted in Nobel College to pursue management and science programs.

Why Nobel?

● It is ranked as one of the top colleges in Nepal.
● It offers a comprehensive selection of undergraduate programs run by dedicated staff.
● It is built on a strong foundation of academic excellence and innovative teaching.
● It has extensive links with universities and business establishments both inside and outside Nepal.
● The degrees offered at Nobel are internationally recognized; credits can be transferred to international universities.
● It has an ethnically and culturally diverse student body with a mosaic of students from all over the country.
● It offers scholarship opportunities to meritorious and needy students.
● It is located in an ideal peaceful environment with sufficient space for curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities.

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