The Bachelor of Business Administration program prepares students for managerial roles as they begin their professional careers in business or public management. The curriculum of BBA at Nobel College has several areas of study as follows:

Analytical tool

  • 10 courses on Mathematics, Economics, Computer, and Research Methods.

Supports Courses

  • 7 courses on English, Business Communication, Sociology, Psychology, Logic, and Business Law.

Core courses

  • 12 courses on General Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Management Information System.

Capstone Courses

  • 3 courses on Strategic Management and Business Environment of Nepal.

Internship and project work

  • Summer project after the 4th semester and
  • Summer internship after the end of 6th semester

Concentration area

  • 6 courses on Accountancy, Finance, Marketing, Management and Management Science