Fee: NPR 777,000

Bachelor in Public Health (BPH) is a four-year program of Pokhara University. The course aims to prepare a student with all necessary scientific knowledge, technical competencies and human understanding to work in various capacities from the community level to the central level health care programs.

After completing the course, students are supposed to:

  • Gain knowledge and expertise in laboratory work on applied health sciences and their application.
  • Introduce and expand your understanding of public health, primary health care, the development of healthcare systems, health economics, nutrition, and environmental health.
  • Develop your knowledge of the epidemiological aspects of diseases and the healthcare system.
  • Gain expertise in the planning, analyzing, and evaluation of applied public health science research and administration.
  • Increase understanding of and practical proficiency with managing public health management's ongoing difficulties and human resource development.
  • Through the introduction of term papers and theses, one can develop their research and scientific writing skills.
  • By using community diagnosis and extensive field practices, you can guarantee that your human resources are knowledgeable, useful, and innovative.
  • Developing the extracurricular skills by (Training, seminar and exposure)