Last updated December 31, 2014

You’re in the hospital recovering from surgery. The surgeon stops by to check on you, and the registered nurse administers postoperative treatments. 

Nurses will take your temperature and change your surgical dressings to prevent infection. They'll make sure you’re comfortable and that your recovery goes according to plan. They'll even help you take your first postoperative bath.

Nurses give patients basic bedside care in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors' offices, private homes, and other settings. They keep an eye on the health of patients and report their progress to doctors and registered nurses.

Permanent Job in Government Institutions of Nepal (via Lok Sewa Competition): Yes


  1. नर्सिङ्ग अधिकृत, स्वास्थ्य, जनरल नर्सिङ्ग, सातौ 
  2. कम्युनिटी नर्सिङ्ग अधिकृत, स्वास्थ्य, प.हे.न., सातौ 


  1. स्वास्थ्य, जनरल नर्सिङ्ग, नर्सिङ्ग अधिकृत पदको लागिः– मान्यता प्राप्त शिक्षण संस्थाबाट नर्सिङ्ग विषयमा स्नातक उपाधि प्राप्त ।
  2. स्वास्थ्य, नर्सिङ्ग, कम्युनिटि नर्सिङ्ग, कम्युनिटि नर्सिङ्ग अधिकृत पदको लागिः– मान्यता प्राप्त शिक्षण संस्थाबाट पब्लिक हेल्थ(कम्युनिटी हेल्थ) नर्सिङ्ग विषयमा स्नातकोपाधी प्राप्त ।

Are You Ready To...?

  • Care for confused, irrational patients who have just come out of surgery
  • Comfort patients
  • Work to ensure successful patient recovery
  • Check vital signs, such as blood pressure and temperature
  • Change dressings
  • Feed patients
  • Help patients with personal hygiene
  • Help patients in and out of bed
  • Stand for long periods of time

It Helps To Be...

Caring, sympathetic, calm, and able to work as part of a team. Patients will be your primary concern, but you'll also have to follow orders and work closely with other health care providers. 

Make High School Count

  • Take plenty of math and science courses.
  • Enhance your communication skills through English composition, drama, and speech classes.
  • Study a foreign language so you’ll be able to communicate with different patients and communities.
  • Volunteer to work at a health clinic, a hospital, a women’s clinic, or an eldercare facility

Did You Know?

  1. Nepal Nursing Council (NNC)  takes licensure examination for Nurses in Nepal. 
  2. Till March 15, 2015, 31 thousands, nine hundred and forty one nurses has been registered in Nepal Nursing Council.