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Recognitions and Accreditation

Asian College for Advance Studies (ACAS) is promoted by Asian Foundation of Education and Research (AFER) Pvt. Ltd. The college in affiliation with the Purbanchal University (PU) started offering courses in health sciences from 2005. The 30 room main campus building located adjacent to the Kathmandu ring-road at Satdobato houses a library, laboratories, demonstration rooms, a conference room, a canteen, a photocopy center and a guard house. The space and facilities available in the complex are suitably sufficient for the ongoing courses. The college also operates one hostel in adjoining building for students who opt for this facility.

Asian College for Advance Studies (ACAS) is running four academic courses of studies, i.e., B. Pharmacy, B. Public Health, BSc. Nursing, and B.N. as per the guidelines of PU. The main strength of ACAS is the number and quality of its faculty members. The teaching and research activities of a total 56 faculty embers is supported by a strong team of 20 support staff. Each class room is fitted with one Overhead projector and a white board. The conference room is equipped with LCD. Multiple teaching aids and supporting materials are available for making the teaching and learning process effective.

Health education has pivotal bearing in attaining at least three of the eight millennium development goals (MDGs) namely; reducing child mortality, improving maternal health and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Promoting health education is imperative also in realizing the national objectives perceived by the health strategic plan of Nepal. It is in this perspective that the private sector has come forward to contribute in the promotion of health education, and Asian College for Advance Studies (ACAS) has made pioneering efforts towards this.

ACAS is promoted bySumeru Group of Organization. The college in affiliation with the Purbanchal University started offering courses in health education from 2005. The college now has 300 students enrolled in different course of studies, i.e., B. Pharmacy, B. Public Health, BSc. Nursing, and B.N. It has provision for enrolling 400 students.

A new team took over the management of ACAS in June 2008. One of the shareholders is Everest Nursing Home which is a 100 bed general hospital. 


The general objective of ACAS is to strive for the highest scientific and ethical standards in health science embracing multi dimensions of modern technologies in health sector.

  1.  To undertake academic activities that support and contribute in successful implementation of government policies and programs.
  2. To avail cost and time effective quality health science education and technical training to a wider section of the populace with focus on rural area.
  3. To enhance the availability of standard technical and professional services required for successful implementation of national policies and programs.
  4. To take local initiatives with global vision in order to benefit from the existing opportunities in a dynamic environment that prevails in and out of the country.
  5. To collaborate with national and international academic and research institutions to expand network in similar interest and work.

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Asian College of Advance Studies
Satdobato, Lalitpur, Nepal

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