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The Bachelor of Pharmacy (Bpharm) degree is designed to provide graduates with the core skills and knowledge required for effective delivery of pharmaceutical care and the ability to proceed to research. Eight pharmacy colleges offers Bachelor of Pharmacy (Bpharm) course with affiliation from Purbanchal University.

The degree covers the study of the chemical, physical, pharmaceutical, and pharmacological properties of medicinal substances and the application of these in the pharmacy profession.The course provides knowledge and skills that enable on safe and rational use, quality and economic production, quality control/quality assurance of drugs and research and development of new drugs.


The overall objective of the B. Pharm program is to prepare competent pharmacist required for the country who can provide leadership in community and hospital pharmacy, critically assessing and resolving pharmacy problems and promotion of national drugs policies and rules/regulations for improving quality of health services.

  • Produce internationally competent human resources in pharmaceutical f
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The applicant must have I. Sc. Or 10+2 from science stream or certificate level in pharmacy with and average of 50% marks in physics, chemistry and mathematics or physics, chemistry and biology.

The selection will be based on the merit list of entrance examination conducted by the Purbanchal University.

Job prospectus

  • Since the B.Pharmacy course is designed to cope with the demand of national and international standard in pharmacy, there is wide range of scope of pharmacist profession in national and international markets.
  • The graduates can get easily access for further career development education in foreign universities. The graduates have job opportunities in government, national and international non-government organizations, pharmaceutical company as a production officer, quality control officer, hospital pharmacist, community pharmacist and teaching faculty in educational institutions.
  • Apart this as a self employment, the graduates can develop their own business entrepreneurship related to pharmacy.

Curricular structure

Course Structure of Bachelor of Pharmacy...

The course has a total of 4 years duration with a semester based academia

Curriculum for B. Pharma

First Year First Semester


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