Post Basic Bachelor in Nursing (PBBN) - Purbanchal University

The Post Basic Bachelor in Nursing (PBN) program aims to prepare professional nurse health specialists either in Midwifery, Hospital or Community nursing sectors with the utmost technical, academicals and managerial competence in respective field of specialization.

Such specialists are needed in various governmental or non-governmental health agencies, communities, hospitals, schools and academic institutions.

Objectives of the program

The general objective of the PBN program is to produce competent graduates with advanced knowledge positive attitude and practical skills necessary to deliver high quality health services needed for the country. Specifically, the program entails the following general objectives:

  1. Provide advanced knowledge and practical skills in nursing science covering Primary Health Care for nursing graduates.
  2. Develop skills in measurement, design, analysis and evaluation for applied nursing sciences, health system research and management
  3. Equip nursing specialists with communication and group organization skills for promoting community participation in health and development activities ultimately leading to the individual and community self-reliance in health services and improvement in health status.
  4. Enable nursing health professionals to deal with the existing realities in health management issues, concerns and problems
  5. Foster positive attitudes of health professionals to encourage them for providing more accessible, equitable nursing services for disadvantaged groups and communities.
  6. Develop the leadership capabilities of nursing professionals in the management of nursing services at various levels health programs.
  7. Enhance the vocational competence of nursing professionals through advanced education in health strategies, health promotion and health programming.
  8. Strengthen educational capabilities of nursing professionals to deal with teaching learning process at various academic institutions.
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Admission Criteria
To fulfill the entry level requirement for admission to this program, the candidates should have successfully completion of the Proficiency Certificate Level in Nursing from any institute recognized by Nepal Nursing Council and at least two years working experience at any health relevant institute/ organization. The candidate should have second division in aggregate in certificate final examination and pass mark in the entrance examination conducted by Purbanchal University. Candidates must secure at least 50% marks to pass the entrance examination in order to be eligible for the admission; however, the selection will be based on the merit list in the descending order.

A three hour entrance examination will be held for one comprehensive paper carrying total of one hundred and fifty marks (50 marks each for English, comprehensive nursing and general health sciences). The questions will be of multiple choices.

Curricular structure

Course duration
The course has been designed for two academic years in Post Basic Bachelor in Nursing program. The PBN curriculum mainly consists of following three specialized (elective) areas.

Midwifery: There is a high demand of midwifery graduate nurse in the area of women’s health, infant care and the reproductive health care of the women. HMG has placed a high priority in midwifery care. Till now, this core area has not been sufficiently developed by any institution, hence, the course is the pioneer one.

Community Nursing: It is another major elective (specialized) area for nursing graduates. It aims to impart the necessary knowledge and the skills in the among graduates to provide health care and services at the community level and closely link with the public health policies and processes of comprehensive primary health care approach.

Hospital Nursing: This is another highly demanding specialized (elective) area for nursing graduates. The graduates with specialized knowledge in hospital nursing are expected to work, manage and provide health care services in the hospitals or any health care institution.

1st year:

  1. Behavioral Science in Health
  2. Applied Basic Science (A)
  3. Applied Basic Science (B)
  4. Educational Science in Nursing
  5. Community Health Nursing
  6. Midwifery Nursing
  7. Theories and principle of Nursing
  8. Adult Health Nursing
  9. Child Health Nursing

2nd year:

  1. Leadership and Management
  2. Research and Bio-statistics in Nursing
  3. Community Health Nursing
  4. Midwifery Nursing
  5. Hospital Nursing
  6. Computer Application in Health Sciences.
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