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Ram Janaki Secondary School established in 2042 BS is the oldest school in Kohalpur area. It is a government-recognized private school that has been conducting classes from Nursery to grade twelve. The school offers ten plus two program in Science, Management, Education and Humanities affiliated to NEB. The school is located on Vidhyut Road, Kohalpur, Banke, away from the town commotion, noise and pollution, housed at a premises with a peaceful environment around.

Ram Janaki provides an amicable education and learning atmosphere to the students by experienced and dedicated academic faculty who apply innovative approaches of teaching methodology. It has its
own big academic and administrative buildings, cutting-edge computer labs, well-equipped library and computer lab with internet access.

Ram Janaki is the right place for the students who are seeking proper academic guidance for their rewarding future. It offers a wealth of opportunities for personal development through student-centered and research-oriented teaching and learning methods. The school believes in participatory approach of learning which is essential to prepare students for future challenges.

Ram Janaki Secondary School  aims to provide students of different abilities with a well-designed environment that caters the need of the students to ignite their academic, physical, social and spiritual development. It aims to promote the development of students' abilities through a balanced, coherent and comprehensive curriculum, appropriate to their needs. It also encourages every student to enjoy maximum achievement providing the best resources available, guides students to develop responsibility for their own learning and become independent and critical thinkers, provides them myriads opportunities to pursue their individual interests, abilities and aptitudes and develops a strong foundation for their further studies.

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