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Pokhara Technical School  has been established by Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) in Pokhara, Kaski. The aim of its establishment was to produce trained and skilled human resource for the fast growing tourism market of Nepal. PTS is well equipped with the required facilities to provide technical & vocational education on hospitality management.

In the academic sector PTS launched a three year Diploma in Hotel Management (DHM) program from 2014 AD. This academic course was for the first time introduced in Western Development Region of Nepal. From 2016 onward,we launched three year program PCL in Ophthalmic Science in partnership module with Himalaya Eye Hospital. Furthermore a 18 months TSLC in Culinary Art (Cooking/Baking) started in 2016 as well.

In term of vocational sector PTS offers 1 week to 26 weeks training programs. As being a school in hospitality, PTS operates its own restaurant and hotel to provide real experience to the students and trainees during their study and training.

Since its establishment (1996 AD) PTS has been providing quality training in hospitality related occupations. So far the school has produced more than 8000 competent graduates. 75% of them are full time and self-employed in the domestic and overseas countries so far.


“PTS will be the Leading Institute of the Tourism & Hospitality Education in Nepal.”


PTS produces employable professionals in the field of Tourism & Hospitality Industry through providing quality education and training.


“To Be a Professional, Learn Technical and Vocational”


  1. Provide excellent governance and administration with transparency and adherence to ethical principles.
  2. Offer students high quality teaching, learning and training opportunities through continuous market    analysis and curriculum review process and using recent technology.
  3. Offer quality programs that promote entrepreneurial skills and respond to the changing market needs and developments in technology.
  4. Ensure that graduates develop into responsible citizens by enriching their values and attributes to positively affect the socio economic development.
  5. Develop staff by offering opportunities for professional and personal development, rewarding hard work and innovative thinking.
  6. Encourage opportunities for applied research and consultancy.
  7. Foster mutually beneficial constructive partnerships with various public and private sector organizations, professional bodies and local and international communities that benefit the community at large.
  8. Provide facilities and learning resources that are effectively utilized and well managed to ensure efficient student and staff services.
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Salient features

  • Lecture Class Room
  • Food Productions Lab
  • Food and Beverages Service Lab
  • Bakery & Confectionery Lab
  • Front Office Lab
  • Accommodation Operation/House Keeping Lab
  • ICT Lab
  • Barista Lab
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Extra Activities

Message from College

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Mr. Harka Lal Shrestha


Namaste and a warm welcome to the Pokhara Technical School (PTS), the constituent school of Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) in the lake city of Pokhara. The school with the history of two and half decades offers the courses in the Diploma in Hotel Mnagement (DHM) of 3 years and PCL in Ophthalmic Science with the partnership of Himalaya Eye Hospital. Likewise, the school provides TSLC in Culinary arts, one year-professional cook and market-oriented short term courses for the gainful employment of the trainees with the compliance with National Skill Testing Board (NSTB). I am thrilled that you have decided to view our school's website to learn more about the competent students, staffs, and programs we have on offer.The school being the model school in the tourism and hospitality sector, the school focuses on applied learning which allows students to learn by doing. The integration of school-base and work-based learning provides an ideal opportuni
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