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TSLC in Hotel Management is designed to produce entry level human resources in the field of Hotel Management. The graduates will be equipped with required knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for this level of technicians to meet the demand of the hospitality industry in the country and aboard. It especially focuses on the practical classes to make students competent to work as an assistant level technical staff in any department of a hotel. It also imparts skill and knowledge to make students able to operate a small scale hotel by their own.

TSLC in Hotel Management is based on practical exposure in different areas as required. In every subject, topical explanations will be followed by demonstrations by instructors and in all tasks, trainees will be asked to practice by themselves through do-it-yourself/hands-on exercises so that they can internalize what they learn in the classroom. Duration of this course is 15 months including 3 months on the job training (OJT).


The aim of TSLC in Hotel Management programme is to produce entry level workforce equipped with basic skills, knowledge and attitude in the field of hotel Management and they will be able to work efficiently and effectively in all the Departments of hotels and overall management of a small scale hotels.


The main objective of TSLC in Hotel Management program is to produce human resource that will be able;

  • To manage and/or operate small scale hotel/lodge/restaurant.
  • To get employment in the hospitality industries within the country and abroad.
  • To perform basic skills required for all departments in hotel including; Food Production,F&B Service, Front Desk and Housekeeping Departments.
  • To understand the hospitality communicative language required for hospitality industries.
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Offering Colleges (1)

Salient features

Medium of Instruction:

The medium of instruction will be in English and/or Nepali language.

Group size:

The group size of this program will be not more than 40.

Pattern of Attendance:

The students should have 80% attendance in theory classes and 90% in practical/ performance to be eligible for internal assessments and final examinations.

Instructors' Qualification

  • Bachelor degree in the related field or Diploma in the related field with four years' experience
  • Good communicative/instructional skills
  • Experience in the related field

Teacher and Student Ratio:

  • Overall ratio of teacher and student must be 1:10 (at the institution level).
  • Teacher and students ratio for theory class should be as per nature of classroom
  • Teacher and student ratio for practical should be 1:10
  • Minimum 75% of the teachers must be fulltime.

Certificate awarded:

The council for technical education and vocational training will award certificate of “Technical School Leaving Certificate in Hotel Management” to those students who successfully complete the requirements as prescribed by the curriculum.


1. Should have passed SLC

2. Should pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT

3. Final selection will be made on the basis of merit list.

4. Candidates should submit the following documents at the time of application:

  • SLC pass certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Citizenship certificate (for the name, parents' name, age, date of birth and address verification purpose only)

5. Special quota for different category of students will be as per the policy of CTEVT

6. Preference will be given to female, Dalit, Janjati, Conflict affected people and Disadvantaged Groups ( DAGs)

Curricular structure

Course Structure of TSLC in Hotel Management

TSLC in Hotel Management course will be completed within 15 months/62 weeks/2040 hours (1560 hours in house training + 480 hours OJT). The 3 months (480 hours) OJT will be compulsory after completing the final exam.