Amar Singh Secondary School Kaski

Amar Singh Chowk, Pokhara, Kaski

Shree Amar Singh Model Secondary School is one of the country's most prestigious schools. On 13 Chaitra 2013 B.S., the Central Co-ordination Board of the Government of India founded it with funds from the "Post War (First and Second World Wars) Reconstruction Fund." The school is now a hub for secondary and higher secondary school pupils.

This school's academic achievement has been recognized by NEB Nepal. In the year 2061 B.S., this school was designated as a Western Development Region "Model Secondary School." In 2062 B.S., 2064 B.S., and 2065 B.S., this school was named “The Best Community Higher Secondary School” of the Western Development Region, as well as “The Best Community Secondary School” of Nepal in 2063 B.S.

The school recognizes that it has a long way to go and is committed to improving in every way imaginable.



Amar Singh Secondary School is located in Amar Singh Chowk in Pokhara, Kaski. The school offers plus two (+2) level courses in Science, Management, Humanities, and Education faculty under the affiliation of the National Examination Board.

Salient Features

The school has some notable features to be one of the most sought for schools in its vicinity. Some of its features are:

  • Sound Infrastructure
  • Dedicated Teaching Faculty
  • Playground
  • ECAs