Nazareth School

Tikhedewal Lalitpur




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Nazareth Primary School was registered in 1992 which is now known as Nazareth School. At present, the school is still providing education to 30+ such children.
The Nazareth School was founded as a fully coeducational boarding school in 2049 B.S. (1992 A.D.). Regarding the curriculum for this group of infants, depending on the child’s age, a well balanced variety of activities are provided to stimulate and promote the intellectual, emotional, physical and creative development of the child, all designed to implement the above aims.

The broad curriculum for the Primary Level includes all subject required for the Primary National Examination. All children are taught: English, Nepali, Mathematics, Science, Health & Social Studies, Music and Information Technology, Environment Studies and non- Laboratory science are taught in the junior classes. Information Technology is studied by all ages and the school is well-equipped with multi-media PC’s. The school also provides Japanese Language class for senior students