Mitrata Secondary School

Aanbookhaireni-1, Satrasaya Tanahu




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Mitrata Secondary School was established in 2028 BS by the collective efforts and contributions of intellectuals, social workers, local people and educational devotees. It is situated in Aanbookhaireni-1, Satrasaya, Tanahun.

Appearing first SLC in 2037 BS, Mitrata Secondary School has started its plus two program since 2065 BS. The school adopts both medium of instruction: English from grade one to ten and Nepali from grade eight to ten. It offers plus two program in Management and Education, affiliated to NEB.  The school is also offering Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science) with the affiliation from CTEVT. Currently, about 650 students are studying at this school from ECD to grade twelve.

Situated in a serene academic environment, Mitrata Secondary School has focused on quality education. The school has introduced computer subject in grade four, five and six. For quality enhancement, the school also sends its teaching faculty for further training to make teaching more effective. It truly values and cares its students putting them at the centre of all activities as it believes they are the cause of its existence and success. 

Education at Mitrata does not only encourage personal development, it also offers the general growth of an entire community providing a place for people to interact, socialize and unify their societies. In the near future, the school is planning to make this school a technical school, introducing vocational and technical subjects.

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