Career Building International Academy

Pepsicola, Kathmandu




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Career Building International Academy (CBIA), one of the leading Schools in Pepsicola Townplanning, Kathmandu - 32. 

The college has been founded by our honourable chairman, Mr. Tej Narayan Shrestha, 10 years back in 2065 B.S. with the prime objective of providing quality education at an affordable cost to locals of the Pepsi Cola area. A Dutch Foundation based in Holland has also been instrumental in the establishment of CBIA.

Over the last 9 years, CBIA has been able to win the hearts of the parents and gain respect from them. CBIA has vastly improved in terms of quality by implementing innovative activities and methods in these years. 

Creating children friendly environment has been the top priority of the School Management. The school is not only the best in this area with respect to academics; it is the champion school in extra-curricular activities as well. It has emerged as the champion school in this locality in both junior and senior versions of Inter-school Football tournaments and Basketball tournament.

Similarly, more than 200 students have graduated SLC and SEE so far from this school and many of them are now pursuing their higher studies abroad.  The school has set unique the record that no student from our school has ever passed those examinations in lower division than the First division.

Within a short span of time of 10 years, CBIA has built its image as one of the pillars in education sector in the area. It has grown not only in size and shape but it delivers quality education in commensurate with the need of the era.