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British Model College

Chakupat, Lalitpur


British Model College (BMC), the sister organization of The British College (TBC) established in 2013 is already a trusted name for A-levels in Nepal. It offers the prestigious Cambridge International GCE A Level courses, which is a two-year programme. The College is registered with Cambridge Assessment International Examinations as Centre Number NP 744 and has received approval from the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal.

The range of subjects offered under A-levels covers science and non-science streams with the choices under them enables students to pursue engineering and medical courses or go for liberal arts, accountancy, computer science, or management. Advanced Subsidiary Level General Paper remains a compulsory subject, irrespective of the group of three principle subjects.

British Model College is committed to quality education and a progressive approach. this is reflected in their seasoned faculty members, student-focused educational environment, and well-rounded infrastructure for making the learning experience better and independent.

The College adopts an adult approach to education where students are treated as responsible adults all the while making sure that their work is carefully monitored and evaluated. British Model College leaves no stones unturned in ensuring the students' success at every step.


British Model College envisions itself as the center of excellence with one of the globally ranked courses being run by seasoned professionals. With its international standard of education dissemination, it seeks to transform the education sector of the country to fit global needs. BMC sees itself creating unique opportunities for individual students in allowing them to model their own personalities. 


British Model College with its transformative approach, aspires to enrich students' experience and enable them to take on the global platform. With its world-class education facility and nurturing environment that helps students to grow into independent adults, the college aims to help develop new perspectives in students. 

Salient Features

A Levels at BMC  is a rigorous qualification that requires hard work and dedication. BMC creates a conducive environment for the hard work and dedication required of the students. The college also facilitates students in selecting subjects of their interest that match their aptitude. The highly flexible subject combination offered at the college makes the facilitation easier.

The multi-dimensional approach of the A Levels Programme 

  • Promotes and develops logical thinking in students
  • Theory application in studies
  • Learning by the reasoning process
  • Clear and logical articulation of ideas and feelings

Why Choose Cambridge International AS & A Levels?

  • This qualification is highly regarded across many countries mostly because of its focus on the following
  • In-depth subject content
  • Independent learning
  • A theoretical approach to understanding
  • Logical and rational argument building
  • Studying and communicating in English 

Other features

  • Hi-end infrastructure and other facilities including e-library
  • Well-equipped science laboratories with routine practical sessions
  • Open student lounge with free Wi-Fi throughout the college
  • Timely parent meetings and career counseling 
  • Motivational rewards for meritious students, special attention towards weak students, and financial help for needy students
  • Personality development focused Extra-Curricular as well as Co-Curricular Activities 
  • Student representative body along with professional social activities
  • Seminars and workshops to inculcate professional values in students aided by expert guest lectures and educational tours
  • Transportation, pool house, gymnasium and canteen housed inside the college itself
  • Educational visit to the UK or Singapore

Admission Guidelines

The total credits required to complete each level are covered by four subjects, out of which General Paper is compulsory. However, they may take more than the required credits based on their interests and capacity. 

Flexible subject choices

Students can choose from the following Science and Non-Science category:


English GP Biology
Physics Mathematics
Chemistry Computer Science

Non Science

English GP Mathematics
Business Psychology
Accounting Sociology
Economics Computer Science
Art and Design

British Model College with its flexible subject combinations allows students to choose from a range of subjects. Students study 3 full subjects as well as English General paper that is compulsory for the two-year course. Standard UK universities admission requirement entails three A Levels. 

English Mathematics Science
Social Sciences Humanities Technology
The Arts

Examination system

The final examination of both the levels; AS and A Level are held two times a year in May/June and October/November. The results are published in August and January respectively. 


  • SEE/GCSE/CBSE or equivalent exams
  • High motivation and competency
  • Sound academic ability 

Candidates are selected using a comprehensive evaluation system by the college

Grading system

Students are assessed on a grade scale from A* (indicates the highest level of achievement), to E (indicates the minimum requirement to constitute a pass). U stands for ungraded (indicates fail).

AS Level grade PUM range A Level grade PUM range
a 80-100 A* 90-100
b 70-79 A 80-89
c 60-69 B 70-79
d 50-59 C 60-69
e 40-49 D 50-59
    E 40-49


British Model College has allocated scholarships for highly meritorious students with economic constraints.

Approved A Level Scholarship policy for the Year 2019-2020

Guidelines for scholarship 2020

The scholarship programme allows students to pursue Science and Management Education in A-Levels at British Model College. The scholarship specifications are given as follows:

SN Scholarship Category Minimum Criteria Scholarship Amount Continuation of Scholarship
1 Computer-Based Exam 90% or above 100 % in tuition fee Must maintain at least 'a' in each term exam
80% or above 50 % in tuition fee Must maintain at least 'b' in each term exam
70% or above 25 % in tuition fee Must maintain at least 'c' in each exam
2 SEE final result 3.8 GPA or above 100 % in tuition fee Must maintain at least 'a' in each term exam
3.6 GPA or above 50 % in tuition fee Must maintain at least 'b' in each term exam
3.4 GPA or above 25 % in tuition fee Must maintain at least 'c' in each exam
3 Sports: National Player (1 Male & 1 Female)   50 % in tuition fee Must maintain at least 'a' in each term exam
4 Economically underprivileged (5 seats) B' or above in SEE exams 50 % in tuition fee Must maintain at least 'b' in each term exam
5 Staff Referral B' or above in SEE exams 25% in tuition fee Must maintain at least 'c' in each exam

Announcement of the scheme and selection procedure

  • TBC opens admission for new students between June and July every year. Application forms will be available at the admission department for NRS 500.00.

  • Students must meet the above specifications to be eligible for the scholarship that will be based on academic records of SEE as well as the internal CBET exams conducted by TBC.

  • Students are required to submit original copies of all the relevant documents for the scholarship.

  • Students are eligible for one term (3 months) scholarship per year.

  • Proficiency in English is one of the requirements as the course is delivered in English and without a good command of the language, it is difficult to comprehend the lessons.

  • A confirmation email is required of the students within 7 days after the scholarship is confirmed by the college through the website. Any student failing to do so will no longer be considered for the scholarship, which will then pass on to the next candidate on the merit list.

  • If the scholarships in any category remain unfulfilled then it will be passed on to another available category.
  • The scholarship committee constituted by the Director will take all the decisions and the decisions of the committee will be final in this regard.


Extension/ Discontinuaion/ Cancellation of Scholarship

The scholarship is renewable up to AS Level only in the same stream and on the basis of 3 months (one term). The criteria for the renewal are:

  • The student is required to maintaining their grade as per the table above.
  • Overall attendance should not be less than 85%.
  • The student is required to stay away from any activities that are not in line with the policies of the college.

[Please note: Contact the Admission Department or visit the college for any query related to scholarship or fee structure.]


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