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Salary of Government officials of Nepal


April 05, 2014

What are the most lucrative jobs in Nepal? Who earns most from the the jobs or positions in Nepal?

You might be interested to know the amount in figure so that you can choose the best jobs/positions which give your lots of money to satisfy your expenses.

In developed countries these types of information are easily available and they published the ranks of Jobs on the basis of highest income, satisfaction level etc. But in Nepal there is no such rankings. People thought that person working in INGOs makes lots of money in Nepal but no one is sure, what is the exact figure?

In Nepal people earn money from corruption or illegal deeds than from their own salary so we got the news that a person who worked in lowest government posts at revenue office for 20 years now owns billions of assets. That is not surprising too in case of Nepal.

Recently Government of Nepal unveiled the budge of fiscal year 2073/74 and increased the basic salaries of government posts by 25%. With this increase the remuneration of government officials and Top position holders of Nepal will get the salary mentioned below.

Following the pay hike, the Ministry of Finance released the updated salary sheets for the beneficiaries, which will be effective from Sharwan 2073.

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