Surya Narayana Satya Narayan Marwaita Multiple Campus

Taleshwar Marg, Siraha
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Salient Features

  • Accreditation and Acknowledgment: Endorsed by the Nepalese University Grants Commission and formally associated with Tribhuvan University, guaranteeing the substantiality and legitimacy of your academic credentials.
  • Comprehensive Academic Offerings: Specializing primarily in educational disciplines, the institution provides an extensive range of programs designed to meet the contemporary requirements of the educational field.
  • Situated in Tranquil Siraha District: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and peaceful surroundings of the Siraha district, creating an ideal setting for dedicated academic endeavors.


Located in Siraha district on Taleshwar Marg 2, Lahan, the Surya Narayana Satya Narayan Marwaita Yadav Multiple Campus is a distinguished center for top-notch higher education. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University and recognized by the University Grants Commission of Nepal, this local campus, located in the regional headquarters of Siraha, is celebrated as one of the pioneering colleges in the Eastern Development Region. It plays a pivotal role in nurturing academic excellence.

More than an educational institution, S.S.M Yadav Campus is a dedicated community shaping the future educators of Nepal. With a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, it offers a comprehensive educational experience, making it the preferred choice for aspiring educators. Join us and become part of this esteemed community.