National Open College (NOC)

Sanepa, Ring Road ( Near Star Hospital), Lalitpur




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Recognitions and Accreditation

National Open College (NOC) was established in 1999 AD by a group of Engineers, Professors, & Professional having spent decades in teaching expedition. NOC always strives to continue introducing experts and scholars keeping in view the present and future national and international assessment for ever-changing and competitive job market.

NOC College promotes access to learning that will increase educational and employment opportunities for all the students including the historically disadvantaged. It supports transformation and readdress and aims to provide an enabling environment for all its students to ensure individual intellectual development, an awareness of social responsibility and sound ethical practice in our diverse society.

National Open College (NOC) is the first college in the country to offer three programs in the field of Health Care Management from Bachelor to Master's degree and is the first BHCM college in South Asia. It also offers programs; Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) since 2001 AD and Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) with affiliation from Pokhara University.