Law Colleges in Nepal


A law degree is the first step for the path to a career in the legal sector. However, it has diverse sectors to be engaged to. The attraction towards a law degree in Nepal has been popular among the new generation due to their interest level and wanting to be intellectually stimulated despite the challenges it comes up with.

A law sector requires patience and logical skills in an individual. Having a law degree teaches students to think critically and rationally and hone their communication skills. 

We have here the list of colleges that offer law degree.

Career Opportunities/Job Prospects:

There are numerous career options once the student graduates in law. A law degree is a gateway to a career as a lawyer, legal secretary, lecturer, management consultant, legal writer/editor, lobbyist, policy analyst, etc. A career in law does not only gives students diverse legal career options but gives financial rewards as well. Students can have diverse practice areas where they can sharpen their skills. As this is a dynamic and intellectually challenged sector, students have further growth and opportunities.

In Nepal, the Law program has been running from +2 to Ph.D. level. Earlier, Law College offering LL.B program was affiliated with the Patna University of India which later was affiliated with Tribhuvan University. Since then, legal education at the higher level became one of the integral courses of Tribhuvan University. Nepal Law Campus (NLC), Tribhuvan University is the oldest college of Nepal which is imparting legal education in Nepal since 1954. Other than Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University, Mid-Western University, and Nepal Open University are other Universities that offer Law courses at Bachelor and Master levels in Nepal. 

UGC Accreditation