Gyan Deep College



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Vision of Gyan Deep College

Our vision is far sighted so that after the completion of our students' studies from any disciplines, there will be astonishing transformation in the students' attitudes. We are more conscious and well informed about our students' overall enhancement, i.e. self-respect, social discipline, entrepreneurship and management, pursuit of their higher studies, job training, team-working, progressive and so on. We give confidence and encourage our students in public speaking and also motivate them in being critical and creative. We are dedicated to our students' academic as well as intellectual 'Excellency.'

Mission of Gyan Deep College

The mission of Gyan Deep College is to provide quality as well practical education at an affordable cost in the multidisciplinary programs that will help our students in becoming independent.

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Tulsipur-6, Baruwagaun Tole Dang-Deukhuri


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