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Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce is one of the leading institutions dedicated to providing quality IT education in a fully-integrated, multicultural environment. The College has developed unparalleled expertise in providing IT Education and training programs to Nepali Students. Established in 2010, the college has crossed significant milestones in this short span of time. This is evident by the fact that the student number has already crossed 400 and is becoming very popular among students who aspire to gain a British Qualification. Student satisfaction in terms of course delivery and other academic resources is among the highest in Nepal.

Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce is registered as per the laws of Government of Nepal. Softwarica College is working in collaboration with Coventry University to offer a range of undergraduate programmes, BSc (Hons) Computing and BSc (Hons) Ethical Hacking & Cybersecurity. On successful completion, students will receive Coventry University degree award. 

The one and only aim of the Softwarica College is to elevate the worth of education in Nepal. Therefore, the college not only believes in imparting quality education but also focus on preparing competent and trustworthy citizens for facing the challenges of a new world. High academic standards and British education system are a priority of the college and are achieved through dedicated services of a team of a highly qualified staff. Students’ independence and talents are recognized at the Softwarica College and a focus is given for their holistic growth.  

Softwarica College is an avid follower of education based on a practical approach. Since the British education system is based on a practical approach, the College has readily incorporated this education system. Regular assignments, report writing, field visits, research, group discussions, and presentations are basic features of program delivery. The college recognizes the fact that in order to be successful in finding a rewarding career, real-life skills are also essential. For this reason, classes are held on personality development, presentation skills, and public speaking skills. This combination of both academic and real-life skills would thus help students towards their holistic development.

With a view to provide real-time work experience right after the completion of the first year, students are provided with internship opportunities with renowned Companies in Nepal. Similarly, after the completion of second-year students are placed in various companies in Nepal and abroad in positions according to their skill level. Hence, by the time a student graduates, he/she would have more than one year of real-time work experience facilitating them to seek positions in the middle level in companies both at home and abroad.

Having all these unique features, Softwarica College has been able to differentiate among numerous private colleges in Nepal. The College is committed to adding new innovative features besides continuing the existing standards to create an indelible mark in Nepali Private Education sector. For prospective students, all we ask is several years of commitment and then students are guaranteed an extraordinary academic journey which they will value throughout their lives.

With state of the art computer labs, well equipped technical and networking labs, library with an exhaustive collection of books on IT and Business, local and international experts on teaching faculties, the college is truly an ideal place to hone students’ skills and gain an internationally recognized qualification.

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Salient features



All classrooms are equipped with audio-visual, media and computing facilities to support e-learning in class.


Our library is a gateway to a comprehensive collection of books, journals, student projects and other related publications to support learning and research for all students. The library also houses areas for individual and group study.

IT Labs

All students have access to computer facilities that include the latest PCs and workstations with high-speed internet connection built for project work, software and internet programming. 

Wi-Fi Enabled

Furthermore, all around the campus students will have access to wireless internet so you can learn anywhere anytime. 

Social Space

We believe that it is important to keep a healthy balance between study and leisure. The social space is for students to unwind, relax, socialise and mingle. During leisure, you can partake in a game of table-tennis, badminton or basketball. 

Free Online Campus and Student Portal

NCC Education Students have access to FREE Online Campus and Student Portal for additional support, NCC Education Students can have access to a wide range of programme materials, past exam papers and assignment papers. Students also can have access to online student magazine “ezine”,

Student Clubs:

Clubs At Softwarica

Student clubs at Softwarica College have been formed to organize various extracurricular activities for students.

Each club consists of nine members with coordinator and treasurer; and is formed under the supervision of the College-Coordinator who will be monitoring and finalizing club activities.

New club executive members are elected on September every year and will have at least one member from each class. The executive member positions are appointed by the College Coordinator and executive members of each club would appoint the Club Coordinator either by mutual understanding or by election.


  • Sports Club
  • Editorial Club
  • Event Club
  • IT club 

Sports Club at Softwarica

  • Organizing sport events at softwarica college premises and outside the venue.
  • Organizing inter college sports tournament.
  • Coordinating for prizes, certificates and conduct of all sports events. 

Editorial Club at Softwarica

  • Releasing the college newsletter every semester.
  • Searching for new developments and news in the IT industry.
  • Coordinating with the press for printing.
  • Allocating budget for overall printing, designing etc.

Event Club at Softwarica

  • Organizing various extra-curricular activities such as musical programme, refreshment programme/day, talent hunt, Mr. College/ Miss College contest, education tour, annual programme of the college, etc.

IT club

  • Organizing IT research in Nepal regarding the latest technologies.
  • Providing IT information to the Editorial Club.
  • Arranging software development competition among the group of students at the college as well as among other colleges.
  • Collecting information and versions related to IT technologies and conducting the interview of the IT pioneers in Nepal.

Credit Transfer

Softwarica College offers UK Qualification namely, Diploma and Adv. Diploma in Computing(1st and 2nd year of UK bachelors degree) which are readily transferable to Australian Colleges and Universities. This transfer arrangement makes Australian education more affordable, contributes to meet academic requirements and decrease overall financial (income source and education fund) requirements to secure a successful visa. More than 50 students have successfully chosen this pathway option and transferred to Australia.


A Solution for Job Seekers and Employers

A Placement cell has been formed as a part of Softwarica College to facilitate national and international IT companies in recruiting appropriate candidates as well as to help IT students/professionals to find appropriate jobs as per their qualifications and skills at national and international levels. Placement cell also provides internship facilities to students who are looking for real industry work experience.

For Employers (Free Recruitment Service)

Employers will have access to free recruitment service from Softwarica College. Softwarica College holds a database of IT professionals in various subjects. Our team can help companies find a right candidate at no cost. We provide consultation service for employers to identify the employer specific requirements and ensure correct candidate matching. Apart from that, employers can also recruit high achieving students who have completed their bachelor level course and have up to date knowledge on the subject matter at absolutely no cost to the organization. It helps organizations to save their cost and also helps students towards their professional growth and personal development.

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Admission guidelines

Students who would like to join at Softwarica College, have to choose first the course/programs wish to apply for. The student can choose the program from the website or can directly contact at the campus or its admission or regional centers.

Local Students

The Local student can directly communicate with the Academic Advisors for any advice on career-related issues and collect the related papers and admission form.

International Students

Students who are not from home may apply online independently through the website. International students can download the application form from our website and send it to our Academic Advisors with all Scanned Copy of Academic Papers, Photographs, and References from their local authority. After checking out all documents the Academic Advisor will give confirmation for your study at our college.

Application Checklist

  1. Attested photocopies of all your educational certificates of all education levels achieved.
  2. References from the Schools/Colleges Authority. The References must be on Headed Paper from an academic or an employer and the original, not photocopies.
  3. Two passport size
  4. Citizenship Photocopy
  5. A statement from the student why you want to study IT and why you choose Softwarica College of IT and E-Commerce.
  6. Guardian Form 

Application submission time: For Undergraduate Program, student must submit the application form with all the documents required for admission 1 month before the session starts. For new session start date, students should contact the administration.

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Scholarship information

Softwarica College offers various scholarship and bursaries programmes to students to according to their merits and to encourage students to study better and achieve good scores in their NCC Education exams.

High Achievers Scholarship Award

Award CriteriaAwards in the Next Year
Global Higher Achiever of NCC Education (Highest scorer globally)100% scholarship in college fees in the next year
Regional Higher Achiever of NCC Education (Highest scorer in the region)50% scholarship in college fees in the next year

Merit Based Scholarship Award

Scholarship AwardCriteria
20% ScholarshipFemale students with 60% and above in +2 
Male students with 75% and above in +2
15% ScholarshipFemale students below 60% in +2
Male students with between 66% – 74>#/td###
10% ScholarshipMale students between 60% – 65% in +2

Message from College

Bigyan Shrestha picture

Mr. Bigyan Shrestha


There is a very good scope in Nepal for students who want to pursue their career in IT education. The global demand for highly qualified IT professionals is ever increasing rapidly which is not limited within Nepal only. For the past few years, Nepal has seen a growing number of investments from national and multinational companies. Outsourcing has flourished which has increased employment opportunities for the youth of Nepal who want to make a decent career in the IT industry. Access to the internet has been more affordable than ever before. Various sectors are reaping the advantage of this and there is a huge potential for Information Technology to grow its market sector in the coming days. At Softwarica College, we provide the finest quality of education at an affordable cost. We are committed to produce the refined IT man powers who can contribute towards the prosperity of the nation. Due to the rapid development of the internet and technologies in Nepal, it has
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