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354 Students Graduated From Softwarica College; Most of the Students Are Employed or Run Their Own Venture.

April 15, 2022
Last updated April 18, 2022
KMC Lalitpur

During a graduation ceremony held in Kathmandu, 354 students from Softwarica College were graduated. The students were accredited by Coventry University, UK, to whom Softwarica College is affiliated said Mr. Pramod Poudel, Campus Chief of the College.

"We are also delighted by the fact that the majority of students have already begun their employment before graduation," said Bigyan Shrestha, the college's chairman, adding that "at this time, 60.25 percent of the students are working in various government and private organizations. A quarter of students have gone overseas for work or further education. Similarly, 12.5 percent of students have launched their own businesses, and 4.25 percent are freelancing and want to study abroad."

Currently, IT Companies in Nepal are earning around 1 billion monthly. Regarding the declining foreign exchange reserves in Nepal, Shrestha says that the state must bring a policy of giving priority to IT education to create a situation to increase remittances in Nepal by producing a more skilled workforce in IT.

Emphasizing experimental teaching, the college also organizes exhibitions of student projects. There is also an Innovation Hub for students pursuing BIT. Mr. Shrestha further added that the innovation hub was envisaged so that students could focus on research along with college studies. He claimed that the college would provide a grant of up to Rs. 5 Lakhs. 

Mr. Poudel, said that the innovation hub has a computer, 3D printer, sensor, robotics equipment, drone, legos, and other equipment as per the requirements of the project.

Students who excel in the innovation hub will be given more opportunities in coordination with Coventry University. Apart from formal teaching, the college also conducts Cisco Certified Course, Certified Ethical Hacking Course, and other IT-related courses. The college has been providing scholarships to students in various categories and from the university on behalf of the college itself.

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