Fee: NPR 1,183,000

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There is a worldwide and national shortage of developers, as well as an ongoing need for excellent computing graduates with the skills to pursue careers requiring excellent programming skills, such as (but not limited to) specialist software developers, web front- and back-end developers, app developers, and internet-of-things developers.

These six abilities enable graduates to seek employment both domestically and globally, such as:

  • General designer
  • Back-end and front-end web developer
  • IoT / mobile developer / ubiquitous developer
  • IT support systems analyst / Sysadmin
  • UX designer / Quality assurance / Tester

Highlights of the degree include:
Degree on the cutting edge
Teaches industry-required tools, techniques, and abilities utilizing cutting-edge gear and software.
International in scope

Why Softwarica?

  • International degree in IT awarded by Coventry University, UK; a top 15 UK university for the last 5 years,
  • Academic partner with Cisco and Ec-Council,
  • Standardised cyber-security lab,
  • Softwarica research lab,
  • Merit-based scholarship opportunities,
  • Drone and 3D printing integrated in academic learning,
  • AR/VR workshops,
  • IOT integrated learning,
  • Funding upto NPR. 500,000 for innovative student's project,
  • Coventry University visit for selected scholar students each year,
  • Global jopurney through credit transfer,
  • Part/full time job opportunity within the college,
  • E-library with 10,000 plus books,
  • Direct networking through industry visits,
  • Mentorship and individual student support,
  • ECA and outdoor activities,
  • 2000 plus graduates working around the world,
  • Job placement assistance.

Why Coventry University?

An award-winning university, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible experience. We continue to invest in both our facilities and our innovative approach to education. Our students benefit from industry-relevant teaching, and resources and support designed to help them succeed. These range from our modern library and computing facilities to dedicated careers advice and our impressive Students’ Union activities.

  • Global Ready: An international outlook, with global opportunities

  • Employability: Career-ready graduates, with the skills to succeed

  • Teaching Excellence: Taught by lecturers who are experts in their field

  • Course essentials: A degree which offers you more, at no extra cost

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