Baneshwor Multiple Campus

Shantinagar, Kathmandu
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Salient Features

Campus Facilities:

  • Adequate modern infrastructure 
  • Peaceful educational environment 
  • A wide playground for all sort of sports
  • Provision of safe and sufficient parking area
  • A good library with sufficient books and reading materials
  • Comfortable and peaceful study rooms
  • A research hall and lab room for science students
  • Provision of scholarship for poor and brilliant students
  • Hygienic cafeteria


Special Features of Campus

  • A non-profit-oriented campus being operated by community management
  • Highly reputed, qualified and long-experienced lecturers and professors
  • Pretty reasonable fee among the public campuses in Kathmandu Valley
  • An extremely suitable and friendly campus especially for the students of medium and lower economic background
  • Class presentation in major subjects through multi-media, field visit work and report writing
  • A trend of a warm welcome to new students and farewell for the pass out students
  • Multidisciplinary faculties
  • Class in both English and Nepali medium as students (Day-spans purely in English medium)

Admission Guidelines

Students seeking admission in different programs offered by Baneshwor Campus must fulfill the criteria as specified by the University/Board namely: 

For 10+2 Programs:

  1. Must have minimum completed SEE or Equivalent.

For Bachelor Level Programs:

  1. Must have completed 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized Board.

For One Year B.Ed programs:

1. Must have completed Bachelor Degree or equivalent from a recognized University.

For Masters Level programs:

  1. Must have completed Bachelor's Degree or equivalent from a recognized Board.
  2. Must have passed the entrance exam conducted by Tribhuvan University.


Baneshower campus has been providing tuition fee waiver to some of the students in the form of scholarship.

Scholarship criteria:

  • Campus Topper -(EPS Scholarship): Rs. 5000.00
  • Each +2 Faculty Topper - Campus Scholarship: Rs.2500.00

Bachelor Level Faculty Topper:

  • B. A (Uttara Devi Scholarship): Rs. 5000.00
  • B.B.S (Campus Scholarship): Rs. 3000.00
  • B. Ed. (Campus Scholarship): Rs. 3000.00
  • Highest marks in M. Nepali among the passed students in +2 level (Khadak Chandra Scholarship): Rs. 1000.00

Discount Schemes:

For +2 Level (Based on their Grades in SEE Examination):

  • A+: 9 months fee free
  • A: 6 months fee free
  • B+ : 3 months fee free

Note:Special discount for students from remote area and earthquake affected fourteen districts

For Bachelor’s Level

Distinction: 6 months free70% to below 75% : 3-month fee free

Note: Special discount for students from remote area and earthquake affected fourteen districts

+2 Topper Student from Baneshwor Campus

  • Both Boy and Girl toppers of +2 Level of each faculty will be awarded a full Scholarship to continue study in Bachelor level.

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Map for Baneshwor Multiple Campus


Baneshwor Multiple Campus is located at Shantinagar, Kathmandu. It was established in 1990 AD by a group of social workers, intellectuals, and renowned academicians. The campus has excellent result in various educational programs of both Bachelor’s and Master Degree affiliated to TU for 25 years. 

The campus has been successful to achieve over 70% results in +2 programs each year. It aims to keep its impressive record at the same height every year. The success ratio of the campus, in dissemination of good education and opportunity is noteworthy. The objective of the campus is to inspire young individuals to meet their true goals in life. 

Baneshwor Multiple Campus is a public campus which is run by teachers and the community. The institution is purely education and welfare based. It is a non-profit institution. Since the inauguration of the campus, it has been able to mobilize active and direct participation of the local people. 

The community’s contribution marks important role in operating and developing certain aspects. Baneshwor Campus is offering BA (BSW), B.Ed, BBS, MA Sociology, MA in Anthropology and MBS programs under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. 


Producing qualified, skilled, capable and moral citizen to address the national and international requirement of short-term and long term manpower through quality and practical education for all.


Its mission is to create and provide more accesses to the quality education by means of affordable fees specially for the economically backward and deprived of higher education.


  • To create an easy access to the quality and higher education for the students of economically backward parents
  • To focus more on producing highly qualified manpower in accordance with the needs of both national and international employment privileges
  • To produce and develop the manpower that can compete and work in today’s globalized context
  • To provide such a simple but practical education for the students so that they become absolutely able to stand on their own feet to be independent to live the life
  • To lay a strong foundation of economic and social development for our nation through mutual partnership for the educational development in today’s context and needs
  • To develop the level of education through public participation among the general public

Message from the Campus Chief

Ghaman Singh Khadka

Dear parents and students, 

A campus chief's message is definitely expected to share the vision of the campus. I shall talk about the dynamism operating through the very heart of the institution, accepting in all the conviction that the time has come for Baneshwor multiple Campus to establish the parameters for excellence in learning. At Baneshwor Multiple Campus, we believe in holistic education that goes beyond achieving academic excellence and training. Our objective is to achieve the overall intellectual, creative, cultural and social growth and development of both the students and the Campus community in its entirety. We encourage all students and teachers and march beyond the limits of academic and administrative disciplines to explore and perform in the larger interest of the Campus that thrives on enthusiastic all round participation to always venture into newer heights. I am dedicated to your success. 

As the Campus Chief, I invite all students at Baneshwor Multiple Campus to "Speak your Mind to Me”. Let us all share our ideas, thoughts and vision to make the learning process and an exciting experience at Baneshwor Multiple Campus. 

I look forward to each and every one of you to play the role to uphold the name of the Campus. You will achieve as much out of your performance at Baneshwor Multiple Campus as your commitment to optimize the learning aims. 

Wish You Good Luck! 

Dr. Ghaman Singh Khadka
Campus Chief