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IB Schools in Nepal

February 18, 2022
Last updated May 08, 2024
IB Schools in Nepal
KMC Lalitpur

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an international level board of education developed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), a non-profit educational organization based in Switzerland.

As of February 2024, the global landscape of education showcased more than 8,000 programs available across over 5,700 schools in 160 countries. Between 2018 and 2022, there was a significant surge of 34.2% in the number of IB programs offered worldwide. In Nepal, the first teaching of the IB curriculum began in 2009 with Ullens schools. There are now seven IB World Schools in Nepal, each providing one or more of the four IB programmes.

List of IB World Schools in Nepal

1. Premier International IB Continuum School

Premier has made a mark in Nepali education through its bold and successful steps time and again in providing innovative 21st-century education. Premier is the first of its kind to offer one of the world’s most revered curriculums, the IB PYP, the IB MYP and IB Diploma Programme. It got its its first IB Authorization with IB PYP in 2014.

It is a part of Premier Education Network (PEN). PEN is a leader in education who aims to bring positive change through education. Established in 2008 A.D, its goal is to develop global citizens who are compassionate, world-class leaders without having to migrate to foreign countries in search of quality education.

2. Swostishree Gurukul IB World School

Swostishree Gurukul, located in Sanobharyang, Kathmandu, has been established to provide modern learning methods by using the latest state-of-the-art facilities and research-based teaching methods. The philosophy of teaching is progressive, child-centered, and active.

Swostishree Gurukul IB World School
Swostishree Gurukul IB World School

The school has an experienced, trained, and highly dedicated team that works hard to promote a variety of choices of teaching-learning activities that are designed to encourage physical skills, cognitive learning, literacy acquisition, problem-solving and independent thought to the little ones. School provides education from PG to Grade 10. It got its IB PYP Authorization in 2022.

 3. Kathmandu Euro IB World School

Kathmandu Euro School in Gongabu, Baniyatar, aims to cultivate socially excellent, self-reliant citizens through a holistic education aligned with Nepal's curriculum. Offering a globally balanced approach, KES provides experiential learning, critical thinking, and teamwork opportunities. Dedicated faculty nurture creativity and critical thinking, fostering lifelong learners. The school emphasizes academic excellence through personalized instruction, promoting problem-solving skills and conceptual understanding. The school has been granted IB certification and currently runs the IB Primary Years Programme.

4. Himalayan WhiteHouse IB World School

The Himalayan WhiteHouse World School, located in Subidhanagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal, is a co-educational secondary school dedicated to delivering a high-quality education to its students. The school emphasizes contextual learning, considering it an integral part of the Primary and Middle School curriculum. At the Himalayan WhiteHouse World School (HWS), contextual learning is facilitated through transdisciplinary themes in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Global Context in the Middle Years Programme (MYP).

5. Ullens School

The Ullens Education Foundation (UEF) established as a “non-profit company”  is dedicated to excellence in education and runs the Ullens School (K12 & IBDP), Nepal’s first International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, a Kindergarten at a separate location. The school continues to have a long-term partnership with the Bank Street College of Education, New York. UEF is guided by a five member Board of Trustees, which provides strategic oversight to all the institutions and programmes under UEF. It got its IB Primary Years Programme Authorization in 2008, the first school in Nepal to get an IB affiliation.

6. Genius IB World School

Genius School, led and managed by highly experienced and dedicated education professionals who believe in a progressive learning approach to provide opportunities to our children where they excel not only academically but also socially, emotionally, and physically. They value our student’s individuality and believe that all children should be given equal opportunity and encouragement to reach their highest potential. Genius School has been authorized for International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) since September 2018. 

7. Fishtail Academy IB PYP Candidate School

Fishtail Academy IB PYP Candidate School, founded in 1995 AD, aims to provide high-quality education in Pokhara. It has grown from offering Nursery to Grade 2 to providing Kindergarten to Grade XI classes. The school emphasizes individualized learning and sets educational benchmarks. Implementing the Primary Years Programme (PYP) fosters inquiry-based learning and international-mindedness aligned with the national curriculum. Middle School Programme (MYP) focuses on problem-solving and teamwork, preparing students for the Basic Level Examination. In high school, students are encouraged to explore, innovate, and excel in Regional and National level examinations. The institution prioritizes a stimulating and supportive learning environment. With seasoned tutors, Fishtail ensures rigorous yet engaging teaching methods.

8. Machhapuchchhre IB World School

Machhapuchchhre School, founded in 1995 AD, is located in Kusunti, Lalitpur. The school provides a comprehensive and balanced curriculum that combines advanced education and social engagement. Machhapuchchhre School only recently got the authorization to run IB Primary Years Programme in 2022. In addition, the school incorporates IB PYP Philosophy and pertinent materials into its curriculum after consulting with parents and other educational experts with the goal of creating global citizens who are proud of their country. The institution provides this curriculum using an inquiry-based methodology.

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