Fishtail Academy IB PYP Candidate School

Fishtail Academy IB PYP Candidate School

Fishtail Marga, Tallo Birauta, Pokhara, Kaski



With the vision of providing high-quality education to every child in the Gandaki region, Fishtail Academy IB PYP Candidate School was established in 1995 A.D. in the heart of Pokhara City. The institution has evolved from its initial stages offering Nursery to Grade 2 classes to become a distinguished high school offering classes from Kindergarten to Grade XI. At Fishtail, the institution addresses the educational needs of students, striving to establish a benchmark in education. It is not merely a school but a realm of education aimed at distinguishing individuals with superior learning experiences.

Mission of Fishtail Academy

Our mission is to foster a transformative educational journey that empowers students to excel academically, thrive personally, and contribute meaningfully to society. We do this by cultivating a dynamic learning environment that embraces progressive educational principles, whole child development, and the pursuit of academic excellence.  Our aim is to empower students with the values of inquiry, knowledge, care, critical thinking and intercultural understanding, ensuring they are globally and locally prepared to contribute positively to a better world. 

Fishtail Academy is dedicated to cultivating an atmosphere of inspiration, empowerment, and lifelong learning. We aspire to create an educational environment that not only produces outstanding academic achievers but also well-rounded individuals who are prepared and willing to make meaningful contributions to society.

Values of Fishtail Academy


We cultivate courage in students, giving them the confidence to be themselves and a push for them to take the leap of faith. Encouraging the students, we make them brave enough to stand up for themselves


Academic integrity gives the students and faculty, the flexibility to think outside the box, gather knowledge and create innovative work while also appreciating and acknowledging the efforts of the others.


Respect, as a key value in schools, strengthens the school's overall culture and, as a result, contributes to more individual success as students feel safe and secure in their surroundings. As a result, we create an environment conducive to the growth of respect and learning.


We represent and advocate for our community, putting students' and the general public's needs and interests first. We set fair goals and provide a favorable learning atmosphere for the students in five dimensions of their growth; moral, academic, physical, social, and creative, and help them grow into rational adults.


Better bonding with teachers and administrators can significantly boost the confidence of the students and encourage them to learn more. We form strong relationships with students for more academic engagement, better social skills, and good behavior.


Students who develop resiliency are more capable of dealing with disappointments, learning from failure, coping with setbacks, and adapting to change. We polish children's drive, tenacity, and perseverance in dealing with problems and coping with the difficulties and life.


We help the learners stay focused on their studies through a disciplined system. This trains children to focus in different ways throughout time. As a result, students can concentrate on their objectives and prioritize their work.


An open mind allows youngsters to learn how people from all over the world interact despite their differences. Open-mindedness sees opportunities to reconsider beliefs, uncover false information, and examine alternate options when making decisions. As educators, we foster an open-minded climate in which pupils can think critically.

Salient Features

What makes FASS different? 

A Legacy of Excellence

With 29 years of illustrious history in nurturing generations and careers, Fishtail has established itself as a renowned name in Pokhara's academic landscape. The institution aspires to continue its legacy, aiming for even greater heights of success.

The Best Infrastructure to Offer

The infrastructure at FASS stands out as the most superior in the region, with meticulous attention given to every aspect concerning structural safety. Each facility meets benchmark standards, aiming to provide students with an experience akin to that of an international school.

Perfect Experiential Classroom

The ample classrooms equipped with outstanding audio-visual systems ensure that each student maximizes their learning experience during lectures.

Professional Health-Care

At FASS, every child receives comprehensive care for their well-being within a superbly constructed and efficiently managed infirmary. The facility boasts a 24-hour on-site nurse and regular visits from a doctor to cater to their medical needs.

Exceptional Laboratory

Four state-of-the-art scientific laboratories and two computer labs of international standards have been meticulously organized. This setup enables young learners to engage in hands-on experimentation and discovery, emphasizing the effectiveness of practical learning approaches.

Developmental Sports Facilities

In addition to academics, sports play a significant role in the mental and physical development of children. FASS offers a diverse range of sporting facilities, encompassing activities such as basketball and chess. These facilities enable students to engage in club activities while also participating in school teams, fostering holistic development.

State-of-the-art Cafeteria and Dining Hall

The hygienic school canteens at FASS contribute to student development and learning by offering nutritious food options that promote high energy levels among both students and staff.


Teachers with Nationwide Experiences

The teachers at Fishtail Academy Secondary School bring with them extensive experience garnered from esteemed institutions, along with a demonstrated history of fostering student achievement. Possessing adept classroom management skills, they utilize a variety of techniques to cultivate the potential of their students.

Experiential Learning Experiences

The methodology employed at Fishtail Academy Secondary School offers students enhanced comprehension of subjects, increased opportunities for creativity, learning from errors, and fostering a positive attitude towards learning. Furthermore, the institution aids students in applying classroom knowledge to their daily lives.

A Vision of Future

Fishtail Academy Secondary School is characterized by clarity and purpose. Recognizing the latent potentials within each child, the school is committed to nurturing and channeling these abilities towards fruitful outcomes. Throughout this journey, the institution maintains its steadfast vision of delivering exceptional academic experiences to every child in Pokhara.


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