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Fishtail Academy Secondary School has been marching its step ahead with invaluable support and collaboration of qualified, dynamic and committed academicians every since its foundation in 2051 BS. It has earned its great appellation, reputation and social dignity in the journey of 2 decades due to its belief in quality education rather than fictitious advertisement.

Fishtail Academy Secondary School is very proud of the Board Fourth SLC 2062 BS, the District First Position 2062 BS and outstanding +2 results and many others. The school has been successfully preceding a land mark history by the 12th Batch SLC over 500 SLC graduates holding majority distinction and first division.

Fishtail Academy Secondary School  organizes extra-curricular activities like games and sports, athletics, arts and craft, drawing, music, dance and many others. Its excellence in extra-curricular activities can be proven with the evidences of several titles and awards such as Little Queen Award 2062 BS by Arika Ranabhat, Bronze Medal in 10th SAG Girls Volleyball and Pulsar Popular Player of the year 2068 by Sipora Gurung, the championship in the 2nd President Cup 2066, Pulsar Popular Player of the year 2070 and the Best Player Award 2069 by Saraswati Chaudhary and so on.

Along with the sole theme, "Students are the zone of peace" and "Quality Education" as a principal motto", Fishtail Academy is running classes from Nursery to grade XII. At present, it runs its +2 program in the morning shift in a need based and well-furnished setting of classroom in the newly constructed grand building.

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Pokhara-7, Pardi Kaski