​Machhapuchchhre IB World School

​Machhapuchchhre IB World School

Kusunti, Lalitpur

In 1995 AD, a group of distinguished educators established Machhapuchchhre IB World School in Kusunti, Lalitpur. In 2015 AD, Dr. Binod Prasad Yadav, a visionary administrator, took over the institution and recognized its potential for providing high-quality education in the country. Together with a team of qualified individuals, Dr. Yadav transformed the outdated school structure into a state-of-the-art facility, ensuring that the demands of a modern education are met. The school currently provides a curriculum based on the national curriculum of the Nepali government and the IB philosophy for students in nursery through grade 10. As an independent school, it aims to be an excellent academic institution with a digitally influenced environment while remaining socially conscious.



Machhapuchchhre School provides a well-rounded curriculum that adheres to the Nepal Government's National Curriculum for high school. The school's team aims to nurture children as "Change Makers" through a progressive education approach that fosters respect and dignity, enabling them to achieve their full potential in life.

The curriculum of the school is implemented by trained and skilled hands connecting children's learning with their everyday life experiences. The school respects the diversity of students in the classroom and boosts the children's curiosity. 


The Machhapuchchhre team sees the school as “The School for Change Makers”. The school prepares children to become positive change makers in their family, society, country, and, eventually the global world. It helps children become critical and creative thinkers and problem solvers. The school respects the diversity of its community. It inculcates into the children a culture of respecting and having tolerance towards all religions and cultures fostering international mindedness in them so as to create a better and more peaceful world.

Guiding Philosophy

In order to assist the students to develop their full potential and subsequently become responsible citizens who contribute back to society, the school strives to offer a good, safe, and happy learning environment.

The school incorporates the following approaches to teaching and learning in its education system.

  • Progressive Approach to Education (PAE)
  • Inquiry-Based Approach
  • Constructivist Approach
  • Project-Based Learning Approach
  • Problem-Based Learning Approach
  • Concept-Based Learning Approach

Salient Features

Seismic Safe Building

The Machhapuchchhre School has a total square footage of 26500 for instructional activities, 8500 for extracurriculars, and 13500 for open space for outdoor activities. The school building is safe for children and earthquake resistant.

Science Laboratory

Three excellent labs for biology, chemistry, and physics are available at the institution. Each lab encourages active learning in kids by giving them hands-on experiences.

Smart Classrooms

For educational purposes, Machhapuchchhre School has access to a Smart board with immediate Internet connectivity. Students benefit from more efficient learning thanks to smart boards.

Language Lab

To improve language abilities, the school built up a language lab. For both individual and group activity, the lab is furnished with audio-visual resources.


Children at Machhapuchchhre School are prepared to learn throughout their lives. The comprehensive library, maintained by a certified librarian, contains 8000+ holdings of books and reference materials that are age appropriate. The library is accessible to parents. The school has also established an electronic library for research.

Computer Laboratory

30 stations in the school's computer lab have high-speed broadband connections to the internet. The lab is available to students at all times for use in conducting academic work and independent study. Websites that are inappropriate are blocked. High-end computer facilities are also available at the school for a fully virtual and online learning environment.


All children receive lunches that are both healthy and fresh. The kids are also given afternoon snacks to meet their demands. Meals are prepared by qualified employees in our contemporary kitchen under the supervision of a professional chef in hygienic conditions.


The student's health is taken care of by the school.
The children receive first aid treatment from a skilled school nurse, who also keeps track of their health records.


The pupils are transported in a secure and comfortable manner by Machhapuchchhre School. The School is easily accessible by both public and private transportation from anywhere in the Kathmandu Valley and is situated a hundred meters from the Ring Road in Kusunti, Lalitpur.

Admission Guidelines

Admission Timeline

For student enrolment and instruction, Machhapuchchhre School follows to the academic calendar as forth by the Government of Nepal. There are twenty to thirty children in each classroom. Every year, the new academic year starts in the middle of April.

Admission Procedure

  • Interested parents can register their child’s name and go on a school tour.
  • The prospective parents are invited to a brief orientation on the school’s approach to education.
  • Parents submit an application form for admission.
  • The admission team assess the students’ knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • The Principal interviews parents to check their understanding of the school’s approach to education
  • The admission is based on the child’s cognitive ability, social skills and parents’ willingness to get involved in school life activities.
  • Within a week, the school will issue an acceptance letter to confirm admission.


The Machhapuchchhre School is a place that values social responsibility. Scholarships are offered by the school to its students in accordance with the Education Act. On the other hand, needy and conscientious students are given scholarships based on merit. All applications are verified by the scholarship committee, which then makes its recommendations to the school management committee for approval.


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