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​Admission Open for Master of Arts and PGD Programs at Padma Kanya Multiple Campus​

From November 17, 2023
Until December 13, 2023



Padma Kanya Multiple Campus (popularly known as PK Campus), situated in Bagbazar announces admission in the following Master of Arts programs in line with the admission notice of Tribhuvan University:

Key Details for Admission

  • Entrance Exam Application Form Submission Deadline with Normal Fee: 2080 Mangsir 01 to Mangsir 25 up to 12 AM
  • Entrance Exam Application Form Submission Deadline with Late Fee: up to Mangsir 27, up to midnight 12
  • Form fee: NRs 1500/-
  • Entrance Examination
    • Full Marks: 100
    • Total Questions: 50 MCQs (The multiple choice questions will be based on bachelor level curriculum of the respective subjects)

Eligibility for Admission in MA programs in Padma Kanya Campus

Passed Bachelor level or equivalent from Tribhuvan University or any academic institute recognized by Tribhuvan University. 3-Year Bachelor level students who have passed the first and second years and waiting for third-year results and/or 4-year bachelor-level students who have passed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year examinations and waiting for the 4th year results can also apply and participate in the entrance examination. These students should submit a Bachelor level passed academic certificate during enrollment.

Why PK Campus?

  • Diverse Academic Offerings: Padma Kanya Multiple Campus (PKMC) provides a comprehensive range of higher education degrees in Humanities and Social Sciences, Management, and Science. This diversity allows students to choose from various academic disciplines based on their interests and career goals.
  • Location: Situated in Bagbazar, PK Campus benefits from a strategic location that is easily accessible.
  • Spacious Campus: With a substantial 4.6 acres of property, PKMC offers a spacious and conducive environment for learning. The campus features dedicated buildings for classrooms, libraries, labs, dormitories, and playgrounds, providing students with well-equipped facilities to enhance their academic experience.
  • Quality Infrastructure: The campus has invested in its infrastructure with five purpose-built buildings meeting the academic and administrative needs adequately. This includes facilities like classrooms, computer laboratories, physical and e-libraries, and dormitories, ensuring a well-rounded educational environment.
  • History of Excellence: With a proud history of more than five decades, PK Campus has consistently stood for quality education, particularly for female students. This history of excellence demonstrates the institution's commitment to providing a high standard of education and preparing students to face challenges in their lives and careers.
  • Women's Empowerment Focus: The campus has a clear focus on women's empowerment, as reflected in its slogan "Quality Education for Women's Empowerment." This emphasis on empowering women through education aligns with the global movement towards gender equality and positions PK Campus as a supporter of women's educational and social advancement.