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Taudaha Rastriya Secondary School is located in Taudaha, Kathmandu and with affiliation from NEB it offers plus two program in Management, Humanities and Education. 

As far as its work is concerned, it has been working continuously for providing education and creating awareness of the community people of Kirtipur Municipality Ward No. 13, 14, & 15, Chalnakhel VDC of Kathmandu District, and Shaibu VDC of Lalitpur VDC  since 2017 B.S. 

This school has been helping GoN for achieving its educational goal and fulfilling its objectives of making all people educated. In the present context, education is felt as a main foundation of the development of country and change. 

Each and every child must get light of education and this is the main responsibility of the Nation. By understanding these fact TRHSS has been continuously providing formal education to the community people mentioned above from its side as much as possible.  

This school provided primary level education during its preliminary stage. Now this school has been running higher secondary level education. This school has been working from its sides to make the national concept of “Education for All” successful.  

The main objective of this school is to provide formal education to the children of poor and ultra poor people who have been living in the community permanently and temporally.

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