Top Ten MBA Colleges of Nepal (New Business Age)-2018

July 10, 2018

MBA is one of the most sought business degree in Nepal. The charm of MBA is not limited to the graduates of Management faculty but also among professionals like Engineers, Doctors and Entrepreneurs. 

To cater the needs of various professionals, different types of MBA program is being run in Nepal with affiliation from various National and International Universities. There are plenty of colleges offering MBA programs in Kathmandu, and few are dispersed in other districts. If we take account of Executive MBA (EMBA) which is mostly sought by established businessman, entrepreneurs etc to hone their management skills, there are currently 27 different programs. 

Tribhuvan University alone runs 5 different types of MBA programs in Nepal. Other universities of Nepal, like Kathmandu University, Pokhara University and Purbanchal University offers both MBA and EMBA Programs. Mid Western University which is newly established university of Nepal has also started to offer MBA program. These universities runs their MBA and EMBA program via their constituent schools or via their affiliated colleges. 

Universities of UK, USA, Malaysia, India also runs MBA program in Nepal via their affiliated colleges (distance learning centers). This ranking done by  was among those colleges which are offering MBA/EMBA programs in Nepal either via National or International Affiliation. Among participating colleges, Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) a constituent school of Kathmandu University stood as the best MBA institution of Nepal.

This ranking was done by New Business Age pvt ltd which runs monthly business magazine "New Business Age" and daily business magazine "Abhiyan National Daily".

Award Criteria

  1. Age of College (Based on year of program commencement)
  2. VMO statement and its Internalization/Practices
  3. Academic Publications (Journal/research activities through various media)
  4. Job Placement Opportunities/Student Skill Assessment
  5. Exposure to Real Life Business through Visits/Guest Lectures/Internship
  6. Business Incubation/Skill Development Programmer (Number of programs)
  7. Student Initiated Learning and Development Activities
  8. Graduate Achievements (Employment, business and further study)
  9. College Brand Image/Reputation (Jury Judgement)
  10. Infrastructure (Building and logistics)
  11. Quality of Faculties (Full-time faculty)
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