Apex College

Devkota Sadak, Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu


APEX College, established in 2000 AD and affiliated with Pokhara University, is a modern dynamic institution that blends rigorous academic pursuits with highly relevant, focused, and skill-based courses to suit the demand of various stakeholders in the job market. Quality education with a student-centered teaching-learning approach, outstanding facilities, ample co-curricular activities, job placement, and other academic services are. The hallmarks of Apex's educational philosophy.


The mission of Apex College is to foster the growth of morally upright and perceptive leaders who, through cutting-edge networking, education, and research, can alter businesses and our society.


We share a number of core principles and also hold them dearly. These ideals serve as our constant reference point and source of inspiration as we work to achieve excellence in all that we do.


Apex College believes in application-oriented education and activity-based learning. The student-centered learning environment at Apex facilities students to explore their own team-based learning opportunities. These teams help the development of interpersonal skills through interaction and active participation in co-curricular activities and social services such as blood donations, dental camps, and donations to old-age homes, orphanages, and flood victims. The endeavors of Apex in this direction have already started giving results.


Our graduates have obtained excellent placements in leading and rapidly growing organizations, both in the country and abroad. Apex graduates have also obtained full credit transfers and have shown their mark in further studies both within and outside the country. These achievements have placed Apex in a position of distinction, and it continues to be the first choice for career-conscious students in the Bachelors's and Masters's levels in Management and IT.

Why Apex?

  • Concentrating on Academic Excellence
  • The impressive ratio of faculty to students
  • Outstanding career counseling and placement services
  • Clubs, activities, and events run by students
  • Worldwide Connections
  • Student Counseling Services at Apex (ASCS)

Salient Features

Academic Excellence is Priority

Apex's education opens up a world of opportunities for you. More than 150 courses, taught by nationally acclaimed teachers and complemented by our well-managed library and resources, will take you as far as your imagination allows. Your critical thinking and creative problem-solving mentality will be nurtured by their comprehensive and integrated academic approach.

Exceptional student-to-faculty ratio

Among private management institutions in Nepal, they have a large and diverse staff of full-time faculty. The high student-to-faculty ratio is due to the huge number of full-time faculty. As a result, students will benefit from more consistent and extended contact hours with faculty members. Furthermore, faculty members are accountable not only for the courses they teach but also for their general personal growth.

Career Counseling and Placement Services of the Highest Quality

Apex Career Services (ACS) helps our students find internships, find jobs, and grow their careers for the rest of their lives. As a result, our graduates have a strong placement record. ACS, which is led by a group of faculty and staff members, is critical in bridging the gap between business and academia. This is mostly accomplished by ACS through ongoing exchanges between industry and the college. Career counseling, business meetings, company presentations, and on-campus recruitment are among the services provided by ACS.

Clubs, Events, and Activities Run by Students

In Apex, there will be several opportunities to participate in various groups and events. At Apex, there are a total of eight different clubs, each of which is directed and administered by students. These groups provide students with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities that will benefit their mental, physical, and social development. Students will be encouraged to improve their leadership skills, such as the capacity to set and achieve goals, the ability to lead with bravery, the ability to develop teamwork, the ability to motivate people, the ability to create and nurture relationships, and the ability to behave with integrity.

Global Connections

Apex believes that students need worldwide exposure to broaden their global vision because global connectivity is one of their major beliefs. As a result, the college has looked at prospects at overseas colleges, and our global network is expanding. Apex has already formed partnerships with universities in Australia, the United States, and Europe. Because of the mutual understanding between these universities and Apex College, students and staff members at both institutions can take advantage of a variety of scholarships and exchange programs. Every year, Apex College welcomes groups of international students.

Apex Student Counseling Services (ASCS)

Apex Student Counseling Services (ASCS) provides academic and personal guidance and assistance to students. Counseling services, led by qualified faculty, assist you in addressing your emotional, interpersonal, and academic difficulties on an individual basis. This service informs and pushes you to make the most of your college years. Apex is attentive to concerns such as ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic background, sexual orientations, ages, genders, and faiths. They value and respect Apex's broad variety of diversity, and we are dedicated to fostering an environment of inclusiveness and respect.


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